A recent auction of an Apple 1 computer has allowed an image to surface of 50 cardboard boxes containing early Apple computers from 1976 in a rare photo believed to be taken by Steve Jobs himself, according to The Daily MailSteve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, of course, built the first Apple computers together in Jobs’ parents home, and the photo depicts Jobs’ bedroom at the time. The company behind the iPhone and iPad has certainly come a long way.

Check below for a photo of exactly what was inside those boxes:


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5 Responses to “Apple’s first warehouse was Steve Jobs’ bedroom as seen in this rare 1976 image”

  1. looks like ipad box on the first picture! lol


  2. actually, what is pictured at bottom is not what was in the boxes on top. The Apple I was sold as a board only. The customer had to provide their own case, power supply, keyboard, display.


  3. That wood thing is computer..?? how ??


    • colejohnson66 says:

      *Screen not included* :P

      But seriously, if you didn’t know that that’s a computer, you need to look up the definition of a computer and read about Apple’s history.


  4. standardpull says:

    Predates the AT case.