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Update: Several readers report that games were previously held up by a dispute with the Films and Publications Board responsible for approving movies, games, and other content before going on sale in the country. No word on the resolution with Apple, but it appears they are now allowing Apple to sell games to iOS users in South Africa.

Apple has flicked the switch on the ability for developers to offer their games in the iTunes App Store in South Africa. It is unclear why Games have been unavailable in the country until now. A look at the South Africa App Store shows that the Games category is now active. Apple informed developers of the new ability to sell games, and the company tells the creators that games will automatically appear in the South African store.

We’re pleased to announce that games are now available on the South African App Store. All apps in the Games category that are cleared for sale in South Africa will be automatically available on the South African App Store. No additional action is required on your part.  If you need to make changes to the territories where your apps are available, visit the Rights and Pricing section of the Manage Your Apps module on iTunes Connect.

Apple is celebrating the addition with a large Games banner at the top of the App Store in South Africa (shown above).

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7 Responses to “Apple finally allowing Games into South Africa App Store”

  1. appleinsa says:

    Games were disallowed in South Africa because the department of media and publications wanted control over which games were allowed in the country and Apple said no. Obviously the department has changed their view on the subject and games are thus allowed now. One example the department have was that Angry Birds is racist because some colour birds are better than others. It’s ridiculous. /: glad it’s sorted though!!


  2. Yay Finally:)!!!! Thumbs Up Apple…Also iTunes cards in South Africa have been released to:D


  3. What!? How did they survived? O_o


  4. bradleyza says:

    Hey Guys, its not Apple its a thing in SA we call FPB (Films and Publications Board), they own the licence for all multimedia in our country and before any movie or game hits the shelf the organisation has to approve it. Secondly guys its South African App store, saying South Africa App store makes no sense. The iPhones have to be approved by ICASA that’s also why iPhone takes so long to hit our shelves.