iPhone 5s prices on the French Apple Online Store, yesterday and today.

First noted by iGen.FR, Apple has slightly raised the prices of the iPhone 5s and 5c in France. As shown above, the increase ranges between €10 for the 16 GB model, €12 for the 32 GB model and €18 for the 64 GB model. In terms of dollar value, when converted, these changes are equivalent to a rise of about $13 – $25.

The same price increase applies to the 5c, again dependent on capacity, going from €599 to €609 for the 16 GB model and from €699 to €711 for the 32 GB variant.

These changes have been applied silently to the store with no official communication by Apple. However, due to the relatively small deltas involved,  it is likely that this adjustment is to correct for fluctuations in international exchange rates. Last night, Apple adjusted App Store prices in Japan due to a weakening of the Yen.

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5 Responses to “Apple slightly increases prices of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in France”

  1. Pricing in Sweden is announced as; iPhone 5S 16 GB: 6295 SEK (976 USD or €717). iPhone 5S 32 GB: 7 295 SEK (1132 USD or €831). THAT is a price raise.


  2. diskostu says:

    I can understand that. The phones were way to cheap.


  3. LOL, Prices in GREECE? 739€ for the 16GB model of the 5S.


  4. I could understand it if the euro were decreasing, but it’s not the case. A few weeks ago EUR=1.3 USD, now it is EUR = 1.37 USD. So there are making $58,93 more of each iPhone today than when they launched it.


  5. That’s nothing compared to Norway, where the iPhone 4S was priced at 4890 kr, iPhone 5 5190 kr and iPhone 5s 5790 kr.

    That’s an increase of 18,4% in two years. And 12% in the last year alone!