While we expected much of what Apple announced today, the Cupertino company still managed to surprise and delight us with a few details (the top image of SVP of internet and Software Services Eddy Cue not withstanding). Read on for a few of our favorites: 

iPad Air

While we’ve expected the iPad 5 to adopt the design of the iPad mini since January, Apple delivered a rare product naming victory in naming the iPad Air.

While the name was often speculated for the smaller iPad ahead of the iPad mini announcement, I’d be impressed to find someone predicting Apple would pull this trick out of its sleeve. Sure beats the heck out of saying “iPad mini and full sized iPad,” right?

Oh and it sports the M7 motion processing chip? Fascinating.

Uncarrier iPad Plan

We definitely knew that T-Mobile would be picking up the iPads this go-around (its CEO could hardly keep the secret), but we didn’t know the carrier would be giving away data! iPads with T-Mobile LTE built-in will allow customers to use 200 MB of data without charge. That’s certainly a competitive edge against AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

OS X Updates Go Free

Okay, so plenty of folks predicted this, but now we know for sure that the days of paying for OS X updates are over. OS X Mavericks is available for free for users as far back as Snow Leopard! iWork and iLife are also free to new users on OS X and iOS.

iPad 2 Will Not Die

First announced in March 2011, Apple revealed today it will still sell the iPad 2. At $399, it’s probably the worst deal of the year. At this rate, this thing will probably outlive us all, 30-pin and all.


Not to be confused with the kind of collaboration Apple cited when it fired Scott Forstall, Apple revealed iWork for iCloud will feature collaboration tools like Google Docs allowing multiple users to edit a document in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers. We thank you Apple.

Let us know in the comments in anything else from today’s event surprised you and visit our round up from this morning!

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30 Responses to “A few surprises Apple revealed at its iPad event”

  1. Surprised and disappointed by the 399 price point for the mini…


  2. Disappointed that the home key did not come with the unlock sensor as both iPads come with the A7 chip!


  3. so will there be an Ipad Pro in the future?
    cause both RetinaMini and Air are kind of the same,a little boring ….


  4. I thought iLife and iWork were free, I just updated to Mavericks, but they still show full price on the app store…


  5. I was very about the new iWork more than any iPad or iPhone. First thing I did today after the announcement was to update my iWork. I was shocked to find that a key feature for me is “Table Category” was removed!!!!. So now Apple is going to dumb down their Desktop application so they can match the features on their stupid iOS devices. Screw that! I will definitely switch to Microsoft Office! This is just a joke! It seems to me that Apple is on its way to abandon Mac and Mac users! Shame on you Apple! I am really mad!


  6. This Cue guy looks stupid. Seriously, why would somebody like this make millions a year???!


  7. So with the 200 MB a month free, do you still need to give them a credit card and have an account / contract of some kind? Or is it seriously no gotchas 200 MB per month free?


  8. When oh when will iWork apps support the XML office doc standard?


  9. Great move by making OS X free but keeping the iPad2?! I thought they where trying to ditch the 30 pin connector… It was the same stupid move when they announced the iPad 4.
    Also “We still have a lot to cover” suggested they would introduce new covers for the iPads, and by new i mean something like the Surface cover but better…
    All and all, smart moves regarding OS X and Mac’s but safe moves on the iPads..