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As part of the new OS X Mavericks, websites can now send push notifications to your computer. Back in June, we featured the first public website that took advantage of the native push notification feature. Today, the same developer, Connor LaCombe, released Pronto Push, a new service that allows you to receive push notifications for any RSS feed.

Rather than waiting for your favorite websites’ developers to add the push notification feature, you can sign up for Pronto Push, type in the websites you’d like to receive notifications for, and immediately receive a push notification when a new post has been added. There’s no software to install, and managing your subscriptions is done through a simple web interface. You can even manage multiple Macs under one account.

Initial setup has to be completed with Safari 7, but after that clicking on notifications will open the related post in your default browser. Notifications come through immediately, so there’s no delay between when a new RSS item is added and when you receive the notification. You can also receive instantaneous Facebook notifications (since the native ones are usually delayed or don’t even appear).

Pronto Push is free and requires Mavericks.

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13 Responses to “Receive desktop push notifications for any RSS feed with Pronto Push & Mavericks”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Sounds good but having lots of issues with the site. Using Safari 7.0


  2. Tom Summers says:

    This isn’t ready for primetime – anyone know how to get it out of Notification Center in System Preferences?


    • mynamesconnor says:

      While it’s still in beta, some bugs are expected. Can you email me, connor[at] I’d like to know what problems you’re having.


  3. I love the idea just waiting for more websites to be available to subscribe too though!


  4. Nik Sauer says:

    Most importantly we have to wait until the site has implemented Pronto, so why not just wait for the site’s native integration?


  5. Jesse Kay says:

    I’m not able to get this to work and I’m not sure why. I signed up yesterday and added two feeds (Facebook Notifications RSS and USA Today RSS). I’m not getting any notifications. I originally thought it was because I had Growl installed, but I uninstalled that and the problem persists.


  6. Smooth and quick set up for me so far. Great concept guys I hope it works :)


  7. Take a look at The service at the moment is under active development, but allows everyone to use Safari Push Notifications right now (via Web UI and REST API).


  8. alexbleau says:

    If anyone is still interested in this feature, we are preparing to roll out a simple plugin that lets any wordpress site send desktop push notifications to Mavericks subscribers:


  9. You want Roost: ( With a block of JavaScript you’re up and running, it also has a dashboard to monitor your registrations and messages.

    Here is a video that shows how it works:

    Note, I am a developer at (And I love working here :)