One of the many Apple Television concepts out there (image:

Among the less likely of the many rumors surrounding  Apple’s long-expected move into full televisions is one reported in Bloomberg today, suggesting that Apple will launch 55- and 65-inch 4K televisions in the final quarter of 2014 with pricing in the $1500 to $2500 range.

Masahiko Ishino, an analyst at Advanced Research Japan Co, claims the displays will be made by LG, the GPUs by Samsung and the frameless glass cover made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3, with Foxconn assembling the products … 

The specs are not unreasonable. By late next year, it would be unimaginable that Apple would release anything less than a 4K display, and 55-inch and 65-inch are emerging as the popular sizes for high-end TVs. Frameless designs are also popular at the high-end, and Gorilla Glass would make sense.

But even allowing for the inevitable price-drops between now and then, the suggested price range would be pushing it for any manufacturer, let alone one which has a no-expense-spared approach. And if the pricing is fiction, there’s no reason to imagine that Ishino knows more than any other analyst out there.

Jessica Lessin, on the other hand, may know something …


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10 Responses to “Sketchiest of Apple television rumors suggests 4K 55- & 65-inch screens next year at $1500-2500”

  1. A 55-65″ Apple-branded 4K TV for not more than $2500? I find that very hard to believe, even if it is a year away.


  2. Gorilla glass 3?! seriously? Is it because a TV would need a glass front that needs that kind of durability? Needless to mention the price hike it would bring.


  3. I don’t think Apple have a need to do it, they need more companies on board with the Apple TV Box they have now, but no really need for a full unit

    Having said that, I quite like the image in the article, I’d go with something like that, but it would need quite a few HDMI inputs and have HDMI/Digital back to my surround sound unit


  4. Actually a few companies are selling 50″ panels for less than $1500 Seiki Digital comes to mind. If Apple can leverage its component prices with suppliers like Innolux, Sharp and LG, a television panel shouldn’t be exorbitant.


  5. By frameless screen, do they mean a TV without a bezel? If so I like the idea of a floating picture with nothing surrounding it.


  6. Paul Kerr says:

    I’ve been doubtful of an Apple TV set, in part because the retail stores would not have enough storage space to have them in stock. But so many TVs are sold online, and Apple may have a plan to move them through Best Buy and Costco, et al.

    But the long game is starting to come into view. 4K transmission will force movie studios to look beyond existing cable and satellite providers, as they can’t move a bunch of 4K streams AND their current channel lineups over their non-fiber pipes. Or those providers will have to break up their offerings and provide a more a la carte service. Either way, iTunes TV and Netflix can pick up more content and bypass the providers.

    A 4K TV could help Apple define what a new generation of content delivery should be. Hopefully it’ll be matched by a 4K-capable Apple TV box for third party TVs and projectors.