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Fandango, the popular app for browsing movies and theater information, has been redesigned to fit iOS 7’s new interface aesthetic. The new design is simpler and has lots of white space. In addition to the fresh design, the app includes improved trailer playback in the main menu, more powerful search, and exclusive video content.

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One Response to “Fandango movie tickets app redesigned for iOS 7, gains improved search”

  1. No thank you. I’ve dealt with Fandango’s tech support before, and it was a nightmare. I couldn’t buy tickets for a show. They claimed it was because my browser had a 3rd party pop-up blocker. I told them I was using their iOS app which being sandboxed and having no such 3rd party app that could cause the issue was impossible. They then told me that it was because my router was most likely improperly configured and that was causing my problem. I told them I was on Cellular data so that wasn’t an issue. But just incase what are the specific TCP & UDP ports I need to keep open on my Airport Extreme to ensure Fandango’s iOS app works? They completely ignored me and said that the show was sold out. I told them that was impossible because I walked up to the theater box office and purchased my tickets for the same movie showing and got in with no problem. They just continued to ignore me.

    I understand that hiccups happen, sure. Sometimes we don’t know *what* specifically could have caused them. I get that. A simple “We don’t know what happened” would have made me way happier, let alone an apology. Not once did I ever get a “Sorry to hear you’re having an issue.” Sorry was never said, and no attempt was ever made. Instead I got some inept support person who kept trying to obtain a resolution by completely baffling me, hoping that confusion would scare me off. How can I trust them with my financial information when they don’t even understand how their own software works?

    No thanks. I’ll skip Fandango.