As discovered by 9to5Mac reader Nicholas, Apple’s Remote application might finally see an iOS 7 makeover alongside a redesigned icon that is seen in the latest version of iTunes (version 11.1.2). While many of Apple’s apps were updated yesterday, Find My Friends, iBooks and Remote didn’t see iOS 7 redesigns or new releases.

When adding a new remote to iTunes, the potentially new icon is shown in the device dropdown. It matches the grid system and looks like an iOS 7 icon. The app was last updated January of this year and currently sports an iOS 6 design.

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12 Responses to “New iOS Remote icon in iTunes tips upcoming app redesign for iOS 7”

  1. AirDJ31 says:

    They really need to release an update for remote on iOS. I have to use it for Apple TV since I accidentally put my remote in the washing machine. It crashes every time you navigate to playing something (On Netflix, something on iTunes, etc.)


    • I’m really looking forward to a new remote app too, but in the mean time, if you lost/broke your apple remote, you can make the Apple TV learn any old remote. Go to settings>remote>learn remote. It then tells you to press the corresponding buttons, and will learn whatever remote your using. Another little known piece of info is that when you do this it will also allow you to program in functions that aren’t currently supported by the apple supplied remote, like 30 second and 5 minute skip and rewind, etc.


    • For me too. Hope they release it very very soon.


  2. Matías says:

    Apple really needs to update those apps! iOS 7 has been out more than a month!


  3. Lee Palisoc says:

    I already saw the new iBooks icon for iOS 7 somewhere in Apple’s website before. I just can’t remember where exactly did I see that thing.


  4. PMZanetti says:

    Let’s go Apple! Really not cool the way you tip toe through this rollout and leave us with crashing iOS 6 Apps…from your own set.


  5. danbridgland says:

    You could add iTunes U, iAd and Keynote Remote to the list of still to see an iOS7 redesign.


  6. Have you guys seen the new iTunes icon for Mac that hasn’t been released yet?