In contrast to the supply constrained launch of the iPhone 5s, Apple will offer Personal Pickup for the iPad Air beginning on the November 1st launch date, we’re hearing from sources. MacRumors is reporting the same. When the Apple Online Store goes live on November 1st at midnight Pacific Time (3 AM EST), customers will be able to order iPad Airs to be shipped to their addresses…

With Personal Pickup, these new tablets will be able to be reserved for pickup at their local Apple Retail Store. There’s also been some unconfirmed chatter inside Apple retail that Apple has considered putting the iPad mini with Retina display up for pre-order on November 1st, but plans certainly will change due to the device’s supply constraints. Apple has so-far said that the iPad mini with Retina display will become available later in November.

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10 Responses to “Apple to start offering Personal Pickup for iPad Air on Nov. 1 launch date”

  1. Barry Sayer says:

    What will the time/process be in the UK? Anyone know if personal pick up is UK too?


    • no signs of personal pickup on the UK apple site for any existing products. If you try buying a mac on the US store you get an option of personal pickup next to each item or in your basket. So i don’t think it’s an option at all for us UK based folk! Let’s hope there’s plenty of supply when we queue!


  2. GeekSays says:

    I am so waiting for the real launch of iPad Air at Apple Stores. The online store is not working for me.

    Desperately waiting to get my hands on this iPad. Let’s see what comes out on November 1st.


  3. Robbie Bone says:

    Would this mean we can pick up the iPad on the 1st of november? Or would this pickup date be sometime the following week?


  4. so is Nov 1st midnight considered thursday night/friday morning or friday night/saturday morning …. I’m always quite dense with this ;)


  5. rsbell says:

    My plan is to be inline at the Apple Store well before midnight, then order it for next day pick up AT midnight.

    If it is available for pick up Friday, I’ll head home to get a good night’s rest.

    If not, I’ll just cancel my order and wait inline for the store to open at 8:00.

    I’m covered either way, plus I’ll be hopped up on leftover Halloween candy…