iPad Air units have begun arriving at Apple Stores and resellers across the world ahead of this Friday’s official launch, according to several sources. Additionally, a reader has spotted iPad Airs arriving at Walmart locations (see images above and below) and the device seems to have already been placed inside one store’s glass casing for iPads. The special $479 price point can be seen on the sticker in the photo above.

At Apple Stores, we’ve heard that multiple large stores across the United States have already received upwards of 500-1000 units, indicating that the supply of the new tablet will likely be plentiful at launch. We’ve heard similar from international iPad resellers, with some chains indicating that they will have a solid number of iPad Airs on tap for Friday. These stores say even more supply is promised for the next couple of weeks…

The iPhone 5s notably launched with large supply constraints, with many potential customers unable to secure the storage capacity and/or color of their choice on the September 20th launch day or several days afterward. It seems likely that the same problem will not occur on November 1st. Apple is said to be allowing customers to order their iPad Air online and pick it up in-store after 12PM beginning on the 1st.


We also understand that the iPad Air will be available for business discounts on day one, which reportedly has not been offered on launch day for any previous iPad.

The iPad Air is a substantial update over the preceding fourth-generation iPad, and it includes a thinner and lighter design, stronger A7 processor, and comes bundled with iOS 7. Apple is launching the iPad mini with Retina display later this month, and that device is said to be seeing constraints due to manufacturing issues with displays.

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11 Responses to “iPad Airs start arriving at Apple Stores and resellers as supply expected to be plentiful”

  1. Hopefully I can get my hands on one on day one!


  2. William says:

    Reblogged this on William's iBlog and commented:


  3. Duska Bosnic says:

    Does anyone know at what time will Walmart start selling them tomorrow?


  4. Does anyone know if best buy will be opening early tomorrow for this or is it the same time as always?


  5. GeekSays says:

    And, Finally I will get my hands on this latest iPad Air device. I was so waiting for Apple to kick out these devices in market so one can get it.


  6. I wanna know if walmart will have a discount on the 32gb


    • I called to find out if they would have any other model other than the 16GB and they said they didn’t know. Anyone know if they will have the 64GB AT&T version. Also are they going to be allowed to sell them at 12:01 am PST or make us wait for 8am?


      • 9to5comments says:

        Does it really matter what version you get? All the iPads come unlocked no? Worse case scenario … just get the size you want … regardless of the carrier … if it has a Verizon SIM … and you want a T-Mobile … just take a detour to a T-Mobile store along the way … they will pop a SIM in for you. You now have a Verizon SIM as a backup also.