Tracking data from Fiksu suggests that iPad Air adoption may be outpacing both the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini by around four to one. The numbers are as yet very small, but three days in, iPad Air usage hit 0.8 percent of active devices versus less than 0.2 percent for the iPad 4 by the same time …

The graph does need to be viewed with some caution, as it’s based only on usage of Fiksu’s own apps, and we also need to remember that at this point last year many iPad 4 owners were holding off for the cellular model, which launched a fortnight after the wifi one. All the same, it looks like a decent start to say the least.

Fiksu’s data also confirms the rapid pace of iOS 7 adoption compared to previous releases, now running on almost 75 percent of iOS devices.


9to5Mac visitors are, of course, way ahead of that, at a touch over 90 percent.


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8 Responses to “iPad Air off to a good start as early usage outpaces previous models 4-to-1”

  1. Nobody expected the iPad 4 to be released. So there was zero pent up demand. Definitely something to consider in this comparison.


  2. I wonder how much of the increase can be attributed to there being more supply for this go ’round vs. previous years.


    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      Could be a factor – availability of the Air does seem good. When I called my local Apple Store to check availability, they didn’t need me to specify which one, they said they had good stocks of all models.


  3. GeekSays says:

    iPad 4 was the lame approach by Apple. They screwed iPad lineup to match with iPhone lineup, and launched iPad 4 with just few hardware changes. I remember that many of my friends who got iPad for the first time were pissed.


  4. Bob Black says:

    Just wait 6 months for the touch id updated version… this is one sleazy company