Smartwatch maker Pebble has announced a software event scheduled for 10 AM Pacific on November 6th. Pebble already has an SDK for developers, but they’ll be announcing some upcoming additions to the watch’s software capabilities. The event will stream live on the Pebble website for anyone to watch.

Two members of Pebble’s developer support team will also hold an AMA on Reddit directly after the event to discuss the upcoming changes with developers and answer any questions they may have.

Pebble also says that over 400 users who backed the original Kickstarter project are still waiting on their watches, which seems like a high number considering the fact that the watch has been available in Best Buy for some time now.

Update: We’re hearing the announcements will focus on SDK and iOS 7 compatibility improvements.

Hello Pebblers!

Apologies for the radio silence the last couple months. We know it has been a long time since we shared an update, but we’ve had our heads down focusing on some exciting developments and big news is brewing.

This Wednesday, November 6th, we’ll be sharing the details. You’re invited to join our (hopefully less blue) livestream at 10am PST to hear the news first hand. Just visit www.getpebble.com Wednesday after 9am PST for a link to the event. If you’re currently developing for Pebble, or interested in creating apps for Pebble, then you should definitely tune in!

We’ll also post the news for those who can’t join and a recording of the livestream will be available immediately following the event. Eric and Pebble’s developer support team will also be available to take questions on a Reddit AMA on Wednesday at Noon PST.

Most of you have Pebbles on wrists by now, but our records show that 460 of our 68,929 backers are still waiting. If you are one of those 460, we want to hear from you! We need a correct email and shipping address so we can send your Pebble(s). Please enter your info at http://bit.ly/kswaiting and we’ll confirm Pebble shipments as fast as we can.

Thanks once again for your support, much more to follow soon!

Team Pebble

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2 Responses to “Pebble to announce new software features on Nov. 6”

  1. Serious? People that helped fund the kickstarter still waiting on their devices and they are already selling in best buy? not cool


    • Seth Whaley says:

      They’re still waiting because the devices were shipped back to Pebble for incorrect mailing addresses. As a kickstarter backer myself, they mentioned in the message that those individuals would need to follow up with Pebble via a link they provided because they did not have proper mailing addresses.