iPhone 5s Teardown via iFixit

iPhone 5s Teardown via iFixit

Apple is gearing up to soon begin hardware repairs for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in its chain of retail stores, according to sources with knowledge of the upcoming initiative. These sources say that Apple Stores will be able to replace several parts of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on-site, meaning that Apple will no-longer need to fully replace iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units with damage or other problems…

The sources say that Apple will be providing its stores with special machinery to replace the touchscreens on both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. These machines will be used specifically to calibrate the displays. The screen replacements cost $149 for each device, and this price point is significantly more affordable than the several-hundred dollars required to completely replace a device with a damaged/cracked screen.

In addition to displays, Apple will have the capability to replace the volume buttons, vibrating motor, rear-camera, and speaker system on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Apple Stores will be able to replace the conventional Home button on the iPhone 5c, but it does not appear that Apple will be able to conduct swaps for the Touch ID-based button on the iPhone 5s.

If a customer’s iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c is under an AppleCare warranty, part replacements due to defects will be free of charge. If the iPhone is not under warranty, there will be fees for individual part replacements. For example, a battery replacement will cost $79, and a new iPhone 5c Home button will cost $29.

The screen replacements inside Apple Stores typically take approximately one hour (sometimes around 30 minutes), but that amount time may be considered short in comparison to the amount of time required for syncing, backing up, and replacing content on a brand-new replacement iPhone.

Apple began conducting in-store display replacements and repairs with the iPhone 5 earlier this year. Besides the factor of saving customers time and money, this process saves Apple the money required for producing replacement iPhones and handling the entire replacement process. 

Sources say that the replacement parts, new iPhone screen calibration machines, and training manuals for conducing these repairs have begun arriving at some Apple Stores, so it seems likely that Apple will boot up the new in-store repair programs in the near-future.

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27 Responses to “Apple Stores to soon offer iPhone 5s & 5c screen replacements, other repairs”

  1. I don’t know about you, but I like walking into an Apple Store when my device is wrong and walking out with a replacement. In and out. It’s fast and doesn’t require waiting an hour. If I wanted to wait an hour, I’d go to a third-party vendor.

    Not to mention, here in NYC, if you arrive on-time at your Genius Bar appointment, you still end up waiting nearly 30 minutes before you’re served. That’s an hour and a half turnover, instead of 45 mins (tops).


  2. when does it open in India…


  3. Rigor Mortis says:

    i hate having to drive to the apple store and wait a week because they do not offer mail in service on mac minis under applecare


  4. I agree this sucks for people with AppleCare+. Who wants to wait forever to get to a tech and then have to wait again for a repair. Those stores are horrible with the amount of people inside regardless if you have a Genius Bar appointment or not.


  5. Dave Calder says:

    It’s crazy they can sell products without replacement parts being available. Again, I’m not impressed with Apple customer service, arrogance in the stores, and their fragile iPhone 5c.

    I can get replacement parts for a Dell computer on day one. I can get replacement parts on a new Toyota on day one. I can get replacement parts from IKEA on their furniture usually same day.


  6. This is bound to happen sooner or later. Fully replacing a device merely due to a partial/local issue simply isn’t the most efficient way possible. I know of too many people around me who have used minor issues to hustle a new iPhone, especially right before the 12 month warranty is up. Apple is wise to offer in-store repairs to stop these losses.

    It also doesn’t hurt consumers to have repair specialists on site! Win win!


  7. It is frustrating that they released the new phone without being capable of fixing it, drove an hour, waiting for the GB apt, which they indicated we needed only to be told SOL no screen replacements, did we want to buy a new phone?, And no knowledge when screen replacements would be available . Our daughter’s friend accidently dropped her phone the first week she owned it. Does anyone know when screens might be available for iphone 5c? Thanks


  8. What are these sources? I dont believe it. Applecare plus is a waste now, since it is 79.00 per incident (you get 2) and 99.00 for the service. If it is only 149.00 for a repair, it is now a waste of money.


  9. michaspiller says:

    What would u guys in the UK recommend? I haven’t had much luck with the Apple store really, Generally will take a look at it an say nothings wrong. Sister tried some local places, but some long waiting times and parking is a nightmare. Shes thinking of trying http://www.gadgetrepairman.co.uk/iphone but just trying to get some feedback


  10. Thais Albani says:

    My new iPhone 5c screen cracked and I’ve contacted Apple a thousand times and they say that they don’t replace only the screen, but they can only replace the entire phone, that costs more… I really would like to know when this is going to happend in the future, but it seems that they either don’t know about that or don’t want to share the information.


    • Kerry Zhou says:

      If Apple store even starts repairing parts or replacement the screens etc.So,It would cost a lot to the user. So,I would like to suggest you that,you should replace or repair your iphone parts from other cheap and best websites available online.You just need to contact them.


      iphone lcd screens Wholesaler


  11. Mike Mahaney says:

    I would say that Apple has some fundamental issue with the glass on the 5S. I had a drop less than 2 feet with an Apple case on the phone, landed face down. The screen shattered, lots of loose shards to stick in the fingers and right now the only approach available is to replace the phone completely. This is unsat. If the screen is able to break that easily, that a better option must exist. The current approach is a new phone for $270. Gorilla glass my ass….something is not right with the latest glass…maybe it is more scratch resistant, but tough it is not… Apple needs to have a safety warning now so people don’t cut themselves when the screen breaks and may want to warn people that the phone is very delicate and the glass is especially fragile. And if it breaks, you will be gouged because we don’t have a repair strategy. I wasn’t even offered Apple Care upon the initial purchase, nor the replacement.


  12. Ange Troy says:

    Mike is spot on! After only two months I dropped my 5c a very short distance and smash!! Glass shards everywhere and I needed tweezers to dig them out of my fingers!


  13. Grace Lotz says:

    These devices are made out of glass, so yes, they often shatter when dropped ;) It’s a little known fact that local repair shops are often far superior to Apple in-store repairs, if you find a good one. Google iPhone repair shops, check out the reviews, and I guarantee there’s a reputable one in your area.


  14. jaklinthos says:

    Apple provide its stores with special machinery to replace the touchscreens for both phone iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.


  15. Allan Chuang says:

    Do you know when apple will offer instore screen replacement for iphone 5S?
    My screen cracked and have been waiting to get it fixed for a lower price!


  16. akirajania says:

    Yes jakthos apple iPhone 5s and 5c both are special machinery to replace the touch screen.


  17. I too would like to know when they will offer this in store repair. The 5s is nothing like the 4. I’ve dropped my 4 a million times with no problems. I barley drop the 5s w a case, it landed on the back and shattered.


  18. Aash Shravah says:

    I see that a lot of people have had problems with the glass of the iPhone 5C. I had the 4 for years and though I am careful with my phone, it has dropped a number of times but never did the screen break. I had my iPhone 5c for one week and dropped it once and it shattered the glass completely. And on top of that there is no way to get that fixed. Bad product!


  19. Does anyone have any update on when Apple will be able to replace iPhone 5s screens? It sounds like this will be offered at some point but no store I have found can yet repair them.


  20. William Hood says:

    yeah, it’s Almost March in 2014 and Apple still can’t repair my iPhone 5s screen… I laughed when I saw this article came out in November of last year lol


  21. Kaela Turner says:

    Who’s want to wait for replacements . I’m not impressed with Apple service…!!!