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Last week, we reported that Apple had provided its employees with an update to the Mavericks Mail app that solves several issues relating to Gmail account compatibility. While this has seemed to stay under the radar, Apple has also provided the update to registered Mac Developers. Apple says that the update became available on October 31st, but we have not heard any sightings of this update until now. The update should be available for all users in the coming weeks. Thanks, Hunter!

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3 Responses to “Mac Developers also have access to upcoming OS X Mavericks Mail update”

  1. I use the Gmail web interface and have found Mail to be too slow. What is the reason people use Mail for Gmail? Is it to get rid of ads or is there something I’m missing? I’d be willing to switch over if I can get a convincing argument.



    • Paul it may just be personal preference as in the case with myself. I hate using the a interface for managing email… it does not matter whose it is. It’s slow and cumbersome IMO. My wife thinks totally the opposite and uses, strictly, the web interface. I don’t have a compelling or convincing argument…. only that I like what I like…. thusly, stick with what you like.


  2. Does it bring back inbox email counts?