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Earlier today, we noted that Apple had told support staff that the iPad mini with Retina display would be launching in several countries on November 12th. Because Apple typically does not inform this particular staff group of product launch information before they’d put it in a press release, we were initially skeptical. Perhaps backing up an imminent Retina iPad mini launch, the Apple Store has gone offline for maintenance worldwide. The store is even down in countries not listed as iPad mini Retina launch countries in our earlier report. It’s possible that this maintenance could simply be maintenance or downtime for another product.

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7 Responses to “Apple Store goes down: Retina Mini launch or maintenance?”

  1. stan1028 says:

    It’s down in Asia too.


  2. So when are we expecting it back up? Midnight Pacific time?


  3. If it comes out tonight people are going to be so pissed!


  4. This message indicates a major new product series. It’s the Retina Ipad Mini, what else?


  5. It’d be nice if they update the Mac mini too while they’re at it lol.


  6. I think they just trolling to your previous post :D