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Apple issued a minor firmware update today to address issues specifically related to customers using USB hard drives with their routers, and fixes for intermittent loss in WAN connectivity as well as issues that may cause a network loop. You can view the full release notes below:

  • Addresses an issue that prevents a USB hard drive connected to an AirPort Extreme from appearing as an available disk in Time Machine
  • Resolves an issue that may intermittently cause a loss in WAN connectivity
  • Resolves an issue that may result in a network loop

If you own an AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule, you can view more information about grabbing new firmware updates here. 

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10 Responses to “Apple issues AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule firmware update with fixes for WAN connectivity and USB hard drives”

  1. ashtraywasp says:

    Still no support for Radio Mode on the 802.11ac Airport Extreme..


  2. I thought Apple didn’t support using a USB drive connected to an Airport Extreme for Time machine backups.


  3. I started having Issues with disconnection since the upgrade, is this an upgrade problem. I have had about 3 or 4 instances where all of the sudden the network disappears. Everything looks like it is working fine but no internet. A restart of the airport fixes this. Anything else I need to do?