Apple has confirmed that it will be offering Black Friday deals in the online store as well as in retail stores. For the online store, the special pricing will be available from midnight to midnight.

Apple hasn’t revealed what the savings will be, but last year offered $100 off MacBooks as well as smaller discounts on iPads, iPods and a range of other products. The promo also says that shipping is free without the usual minimum spend caveat (usually $50 in the US).

As ever, we expect bigger discounts from third-party retailers, and we’ll keep you updated on the best deals over on 9to5toys … 

The best of the current deals can be found on our products pages.

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4 Responses to “Apple confirms Black Friday event, online and in retail stores”

  1. Does anyone know if Black Friday discount applies to educational pricing?


  2. Ed Lucas says:

    you can already buy an iPad air with free shipping and engraving, so what will they offer? other stores are selling it for $20 less at $479. I hope they at least match that, cause i’d like to get the engraving which you can’t get at other retailers