Jobs came into theaters on August 16th of this year. The film received mixed reviews, where some thought the film was intriguing but slightly over exaggerated, whereas others criticized the film as being inaccurate. It was better than iSteve.

For those that missed Jobs in the theaters it is available today in iTunes and on DVD. Through iTunes, Jobs is available to purchase for $19.99 in high definition or for $14.99 in standard definition, or it is available to rent for $4.99 in high definition or $3.99 in standard definition. For those who want it on DVD, Jobs is available for $22.99 and comes in Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD with UltraViolet. This version also contains deleted scenes, feature commentary with Director Joshua Michael Stern and the legacy of Steve Jobs.

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2 Responses to “‘Jobs’ the movie is now available to rent or buy in iTunes, other venues”

  1. Jobs actually had a pretty strong release in Japan, and the movie was taken rather well. As a fan of The Pirates of Silicon Valley, this movie wasn’t as good overall… but it was good enough to pay money to see. The difference with this movie is that it is hyper-focused on Steve Jobs. There is one single mention of Microsoft in the whole film. What I like about Jobs is that it went through the NeXT/lost years (but without focusing on NeXT) and showed what happened upon his return. Whereas in TPoSV, that whole moment in his life was literally a few lines of text on the screen at the end.

    Kutcher stole the whole damn show too, from beginning to end. In more than a couple of scenes I was blown away by how he really looked, acted, and sounded like Steve Jobs himself. He soundly dethroned Noah Wyle as Jobs. The movie may not have been a runaway success but his portrayal will be almost impossible to match.

    If you don’t mind history being “Hollywood’d” to a degree, you’ll enjoy watching this movie. The facts may be hit and miss, but it was genuine and sometimes heart-wrenching. I’m now eagerly awaiting the Sorkin movie.


  2. shm1ck83 says:

    Damn, $29.99 in Australia and it’s not avalaiable until 27th Dec