Microsoft has previously aired commercials that targeted the iPad comparing multitasking and mocked Siri. Microsoft airs new commercials in time for the holidays that pits the Surface 2 against Apple’s iPad Air. These three new ads demonstrate that Windows 8 can handle hands free mode, multiple accounts and has a USB port.

Microsoft’s first ad (above) shows the Surface 2 being propped up with the kickstand, using Bing’s Food and Drink app to demonstrate hands free mode. While cooking you can turn the pages by swiping them in the air, as opposed to touching the display and getting it messy. We admit it, that’s a nice (if niche) feature – though most recipes fit on one page, of course.

The second shows the Surface 2 being used in family scenarios, with multiple user accounts on the same device. These user accounts can have different apps, games, background – with parents able to monitor what their children are using. I’m not sure too many families bother to set up different accounts on PCs, let alone tablets.

The third shows how the Surface 2 has a standard USB 3.0 port, allowing users to easily connect to an external display. Because having to use a lead is so much better than Air Play …

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10 Responses to “Microsoft hits iPad Air in new holiday-themed ads geared towards family usage”

  1. I applaud your efforts to try to make Microsoft look like a mean old guy. But converting everything positive about the surface into something negative would be only something a sheep would do.

    I love Apple products but one gripe I have with the iPad is it only allows camera hookups. While any USB device may be hooked up to the iPad, data can only be accessed if the DCIM folder is created and even then only pictures can be viewed.


  2. shm1ck83 says:

    Pause on the first video at 22sec. The whole screen just to tell you what temp the oven needs to be on, also its a pre heat, shouldn’t that be done first


  3. abdulwahab16 says:

    No infinity blade ? No thanks


  4. I’m more impressed that Microsoft’s ad department was alert enough to know to go out and get an iPad Air instead of just using an older model.


  5. jlword says:

    Wow the Surface is so much more versatile than the iPad. You have to admit that the points Microsoft makes in each of the ads bests the iPad in those areas.
    The author, though this is an Apple blog, really seems to be stretching to find something negative to say at the end of each of the three paragraphs to disparage the features of the Surface which are actually very useful, and if they were present in the iPad they would certainly be boasted about with great fanfare.Just look at the ads and blogs that stress to the extreme how LIGHT and how THIN the iPad is. Those are a great characteristics that best the Surface. And Apple knows it. Its even exemplified in the naming convention. IPad AIR!:-)
    This particular post, really sounds more like sour grapes, and does more to advertise and disseminate the merits of the Surface. It also neatly places each advertisement in one place so that readers can see each advantage Microsoft is toting in one shot. The title also sounds pro-Surface:”Microsoft hits iPad in new Holiday Themed Ads Geared to Family Usage.” This promotes a nice family feeling especially during this season when many people are more family focused. Makes Microsoft sound really geared toward family’s -and will likely help to get a lot of clicks to this site for individuals who are feeling all warm and fuzzy at this time of year.

    Sour Grapes.:-)
    1.We admit it, that’s a nice (if niche) feature – though most recipes fit on one page, of course.” Yes it is a nice feature. Useful. And the for the recipes that don’t fit on one page, again useful. Nothing at all lost in having this feature. Actually its quite a plus.
    2.”I’m not sure too many families bother to set up different accounts on PCs, let alone tablets.”
    My family uses additional profile accounts, even have a guest account set up just in case someone needs to use the desktop or laptop. I actually had to do that, while allowing my the laptop to be used at an expo. So maybe its not a frequent usage, but the option and availability is VERY useful.
    3.”Because having to use a lead is so much better than Air Play “- Sadly Airdrop is only iOS compatible, and as we all know a USB port is incredibly versatile and very useful, just look at the popularity of USB Flash drives, for sharing files, documents, music, programs etc between various devices. The inclusion of a USB port is Awesome on the Surface 2, and even BETTER on the Surface Pro which can use virtually ALL of the millions of Legacy programs used on the virtually billion PCs worldwide along with the new and growing catalogue of Modern(Metro) apps.

    Yes, this particular blog post really seemed to be stretching to find something wrong with some great and useful features.


    • He mentions AirPlay, not AirDrop. But the comparison is still pointless:
      • the only official video AirPlay receiver is a 99$ box that requires a cable and setup to only allow mirroring rather than adding an additional display (except the rare app). Not only that, but the mirrored video even has a noticeable delay.

      Sure I love AirPlay audio and video and use it almost daily, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a substitute for an actual HDMI cable.


  6. these commercials waaay better than that nokia ad


  7. Ah, always try to stab Apple, can’t convince people just with their own product. In all of MS’s recent ad campaigns, they pretended that Android somehow doesn’t exist. Steve: “We have to let go the notion of for Apple to win, MS has to lose, and we have to embrace the notion of for Apple to win, Apple has to do a really great job.” But I won’t blame em, being classy can be hard.