Readdle’s popular PDF and file management application for the iPad today received a significant update. Version 5 of the software gains a new design with the iOS 7 aesthetic in addition to several new features that will improve file management and sorting:

Drag & Drop Files, anywhere. Move files and folders with your finger to any destination: to the parent folder, to subfolders, combine with other files to create a separate folder. You can even drag the files directly to dropbox or iCloud to upload them to your accounts.

Favorites. PDF Expert 5 allows you stack frequently opened documents and folders on a sidebar for instant, one-tap access. This will speed up your ability to access most-used files.

Color Tags. The ability to attach color tags to files and folders, first seen in Mac OS X, now comes to the iPad. Prioritize or simply give your documents a unique look.

Background Downloads. Downloading documents from online services like Dropbox now doesn’t lock UI. You can read and edit documents while downloading something from the cloud.

Windows Shares (SMB) support. Windows Shares are now accessible in PDF Expert. You can connect to shared folders on your Windows computer and sync files between your iPad and PC.

III. Completely new PDF Viewer
PDF viewer is where people spend most their time in PDF Expert. This is the most important part of our product and even smallest changes here may make or break someone’s day.

Smart Zoom. Making notes on margins or drawing a detailed picture is now easy with a smart zoom. Select pen or marker tool, then pinch to zoom to turn it on.

Reading Mode. PDF Expert 5 has everything to make your reading experience as pleasant as possible. You can turn on Night or Sepia mode, adjust brightness, use Crop mode to remove unnecessary document margins automatically. Page scroll is now available in horizontal and vertical way, you choose!

AirDrop. Easily share documents with other iOS users over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via secure peer-to-peer connection. The latest and greatest function of iOS 7 now available in PDF Expert.

Also taking advantage of iOS 7 is support for native AirDrop functionality. The app is $9.99 on the App Store. 

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3 Responses to “PDF management iPad app PDF Expert redesigned, adds AirDrop, tags & file sorting improvements”

  1. It’s a great app, but for some reason is asking me to Buy it again, instead of just updating it.
    Anyone else seeing this problem? I know it’s not on purpose.


    • Al Thomas says:

      Readdle made a separate app…

      That’s what developers are normally doing, capitalizing on iOS 7. I would understand if they absolutely had to… But PDF Expert 5 can run on iOS 6 and above.


  2. I’d been using CoolUtils PDF Viewer on my PC before I purchased an iPad and I needed an iPad-compatible one so I downloaded app PDF Expert because CoolUtils PDF Viewer was not. I still feel like trying an iPad-compatible version of the good old CoolUtils piece, if it will ever be available though