From 9to5toys:

(note: 3 other bundles are currently running: Parallels 9 Adobe Photoshop CC $10 extended unti l Dec. 8th and Stack Social)

MacUpdate just launched their Winter Mac app bundle this morning. This bundle contains 10 apps + 2 bonus apps for early buyers. Together, the 12 apps are worth nearly $400 (or about $360 without the 2 bonus titles), but the bundle is priced at just $39.99.

The bundle includes:

1. Anonymizer (6-months) ($49.99) – – A premium VPN service for ensuring anonymity online. Unlimited bandwidth, zero throttling, zero logging; for Mac and iOS.
2. BackBlaze (6-months) ($30.00) – – The best cloud backup solution for Mac users. Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage.
3. ExpanDrive 3 ($39.95) – – Connect to and work with FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, and Dropbox as if they were local volumes.
4. Paragon 2-in-1 Bundle ($29.95) – – Connect NTFS-formatted Windows drives to your Mac & HFS-formatted Mac drives to Windows PCs.
5. iStopMotion 3 ($49.99) – – The best stop-motion animation tool for Mac, suitable for amateurs or professionals.
6. Labels & Addresses ($49.99) – – Powerful label printing tool, perfect for mailing holiday cards!
7. Mail Designer ($34.99) – – Easily create beautiful email stationery templates.
8. MailHub ($19.00) – – Powerful enhancer; a must-have for anyone serious about email.
9. Cocktail 7 ($19.00) – – General purpose maintenance and optimization utility for OS X.
10. Washing Machine ($29.99) – – The perfect compliment to Cocktail; includes additional optimization and cleaning features for your Mac.

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