1Password for Mac, the popular password management app that we love here at 9to5Mac, has been updated to version 4.1 with a huge list of improvements, fixes, and additions. The first of these new additions is a new multi-column display mode with customizable column sizes.

One of the key changes to the app’s browser plugin is an updated auto-save system for new logins. Whenever you enter a password on a site you haven’t previously saved, 1Password will offer to store the password for you. With today’s update, you’ll now be able to use this feature to update existing passwords that have been previously saved. You can also tag your new auto-saved items right from the auto-save panel.

Also new with this update, you’ll now be able to set any custom field as a password field in the app. That means the contents of that field will be hidden by default just like it would be for a regular password field. You can then search these fields—and all fields in every saved item—with the updated search function.

Other tweaks and updates include the ability to print out your entire list of saved items (be careful what you do with that list!), security enhancements, bug fixes for issues with syncing, and more.

The update will be available this afternoon on the 1Password website, and is currently in review for the Mac App Store (Update: available now). You’ll also want to grab the iOS version for keeping your data in sync between all of your devices.

Top Item List Layout 
• Display your items as a multi-column display (View->Item List Layout->Top).
• Sort, order and resize columns to match your needs.

Search All Fields
• Select search by Title or search across All Fields.
• Expand an existing search result to include All Fields if your item is not found.

• Ability to print an individual item through the Share menu.
• Print your entire list of items through File->Print…

• You can now Tag and assign a Folder when saving a Login from the browser.
• When changing a password you can select whether to save a new Login or update the existing one.
• Redundant generated passwords are now removed after saving or updating a Login.

Custom Password Fields
• Add custom password fields to your items (for example, website security questions).
• Convert existing text fields into concealed password fields.

Adding Support for…
• Yandex Browser.
• Dutch and Afrikaans localization.

• Fixed problem where WiFi sync would not work when syncing large number of items from the iOS device.
• Fixed problem where sync won’t start automatically after items are imported.
• Fixed problem where WiFi sync might duplicate item URLs when a conflict is detected.

• 1Password will now auto-lock on inactivity timeout when computer wakes up from sleep.
• All values copied to clipboard are now marked with org.nspasteboard.ConcealedType (http://nspasteboard.org).
• Attachment cache is now cleared when 1Password app is closed

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16 Responses to “1Password for Mac updated with a new layout option, improved search, custom password fields, and more”

  1. This password manager seem very expensive (and Mac/iOS only). What does it offer that lastpass.com doesn’t?


  2. It seems like they also added a couple of clicks in the process to use your passwords. Is it just me?


  3. I like the “multi-column” view. It was a feature Acrylic Software’s “Wallet” had and missed.


  4. I was hoping they had a black friday sale or something, maybe the holidays. I am very interested/intrigued but at $50 this is definitely not cheap.


  5. c1ce091b says:

    I use this product and find it worth every penny – Tell me what price do you put on your stolen identity? – its also not Mac/iOS only – It might be fruitful for you to check their website to see what OSs they support?



  6. Not only is it pricey, but why the heck is 9to5 NOT using Discus for forums? I have being required to use Twitter (or FB, WP, or NSA+).


  7. Can you sync the iOS windows version and Mac version all together and keep your data out of the cloud? If it can do that, I’ll buy it


  8. I’ve been looking at 1Password for a while. I think its capabilities are pretty awesome, and lord knows I need a password manager of some sort. But the deal-breaker for me is having to use their browser on iOS, not my preferred Safari. I know this is Apple’s fault for not allowing extensions in iOS and they do in OS X. Still, it’s not a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I’ll use OneSafe to keep track of my passwords until this issue is hopefully resolved.