Thanks to our website development partner, 10up , we’re proud to announce the addition of desktop OS X Push Notifications to 9to5Mac.com. (More on Safari Push at Apple). We were live last week and we’ve ‘pushed’ the new feature to 9to5Google and 9to5Toys this week. We’ll only send Push Notifications of full stories, not asides.

We’re a WordPress VIP hosted network, so setting up Safari Push isn’t as easy as it is for standalone sites; the plugins and backend had to pass Automattic‘s stringent code reviews.  That said, we are the first VIP site with Safari Push, although there will likely be many more now that an easy plug-in solution is available. From 10up:

10up has created the first WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with platforms like WordPress.com VIP to deliver desktop push notifications, a new feature in OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Readers can receive notifications even when their browser is closed simply by accepting a prompt when opening our website in Safari. Readers can customize notification preferences in System Preferences, or disable notifications from within Safari preferences.

For our publishers, delivering a notification is as simple as checking “Push desktop notification” within a post before we press “publish”.

10up is looking to selectively partner with WordPress-powered publications interested in becoming early adopters of their their plugin / service. Interested parties can reach 10up using their contact form – be sure to mention you’re interested in OS X notifications and that 9to5Mac sent you!

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17 Responses to “Safari Push Notifications are live on all 9to5 sites”

  1. Why is there a square around the clock when the notification comes up? It will look so much better if it was round like the clock.


  2. Lorenzo Lewis says:

    I don’t see this option when visiting the site in Safari in Mavericks and I have the newest version of everything. Am I the only one seeing this?


  3. I have received 2 notifications for the same topic for several times now. A fix is appreciated. (;


  4. pruppert says:

    Bummer, I hate when sites have this.


  5. Ian Bartram says:

    if I declined by mistake at first can I somehow go back and accept?