As is tradition, Apple is airing a new holiday commercial this evening, this time highlighting the iPhone 5s, its movie making capabilities, and AirPlay with the Apple TV. The ad is set to the tune of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. As you may recall, last year Apple highlighted the iPad and FaceTime, with an ad set to “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. In 2011, Apple featured Siri and the then-new iPhone 4S.

This year’s ad takes an entirely different approach, focusing on the iPhone and real world usage scenarios for it. Apple has also posted the full length video depicted in the advertisement, shot entirely on an iPhone 5s:


Thanks Kylene!

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35 Responses to “Apple airs touching holiday commercial featuring the iPhone 5s and AirPlay”

  1. Dell Mar says:

    Beautiful. Nice to see Apple has its advertising back on point.

    Rule number one, never co-brand. Not with a celebrity nor with a supplier. If you need somebody else to sell your product, then something is wrong with your product. Fix it or you should go out of business.

  2. Who sings that version of the song? I could have sworn it was Cat Power? Tried to Shazam it with no luck :(

  3. Great commercial. Tear jerker for sure. Way to make the emphasis on family during the holiday season. Way to go Apple!!!!!!

  4. Who is singing in the commercial?

  5. This is the..

    “I want people to think Apple is a loving community rather than a business.” Commercial.

    • acslater017 says:

      Of course they are trying to sell a product. It’s portraying how Apple products (iPhone 5s and AirPlay) enhance our everyday lives. And yes, shining the Apple brand a bit.

      But as far as commercials go, it’s tasteful, touching, well shot, and subtle. So good for them.

  6. Apple and Publix do it right…they do not try to bombard you with low prices or specs…they just show you life, and how it is enhanced by using their product or shopping at their store.

  7. ronie678 says:

    Reblogged this on Ronak's Apple iNews.

  8. Alex Do says:

    this is awesome. Put Nokia’s, Microsoft’s, amazon’s ads to shame. Great ad.

  9. Scott Adams says:

    Real men don’t cry…just something in my eye…that’s all.

  10. I’d like to know who it is too. I can’t find any recording by Cat Power of this song, but if that isn’t Chan Marshall, then it is somebody trying to make us think she is Chan.

    • lofye says:

      It’s Serena Ryder

      • ???..can you source that claim….stating something 3 times here in comments doesn’t make it fact

      • lofye says:

        I have no source for the claim, except that I have all her albums, and have met her in person, and heard her sing live many times. It’s Serena Ryder’s voice.

        If you go listen to Christina Perri’s “have yourself a merry little christmas” on iTunes, and compare it to the commercial, you’ll see that the voices are nothing like. Unfortunately, Ryder doesn’t have that song on iTunes.

        p.s. thanks for the NSA leaks, “edward snowden”

  11. Nice clever ad. But I don’t like that they are crying at the end, and the tone is too solemn.

    • Alice West says:

      Seriously? I’m blubbering like a baby. I would say the tone is more “wistful” than solemn. Sheer genius. It shows the “true” spirit of the holidays and the fact that a teen got it. Not the age group known for showing depth and emotion. As someone else said, the emphasis is on how the product will enhance your life without being intrusive.
      Well done, apple

  12. This is what I call an ad! Very good idea. Not those bulls*its from microsoft and samsung who are just showing how better Apple is. Happy holidays!

  13. I caught this last night. I thought it was really well done and very touching.

  14. Jason Ennis says:

    Are you sure about that? I think it’s Christina Perri. If not, the recordings sounds very similar.

  15. Jason Ennis says:

    My bad, not the same song. Sorry guys.

  16. Absolutely one of the best commercials ever. Can’t view it without getting teary. The best thing is that I can actually remember the product being advertised, unlike many of the good commercials.

  17. Scott Adams says:

    If you want a shock to the system…compare Apple’s new holiday ad with the new Microsoft/Nokia “reply”. Warning: nausea medicine recommended.

  18. This is a marketing lie! Technology makes us less personal and avoid relationships!

  19. As for the song in the commercial, the definitive answer is that Cat Power is singing it. I used the enhanced Shazam app and it came up with Cat Power instantly. Then I listened to the song on iTunes and it is clearly a match. Christina Perri also has a beautiful version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, but it is clearly NOT her singing in the Apple Christmas ad.

    • Scott Adams says:

      Cat Power it is. I tried Shazam a few days ago and it couldn’t find it, until today…nor could I find the track on iTunes until I looked again. Might have just missed it I guess. In any case, a nice 69 cent investment for the season. Cheers!

  20. What app does he use in the ad to make the film?

  21. Love it, my favorite Christmas commercial this year. That shy, outsider kid, the member of the family who always seems to be in the fringes hunched over a piece of technology that distances even more? He or she just found their means of communication. Set against the most poignantly yearning of Christmas songs, this ad evokes what all long for this season, a sense of belonging. Brilliantly done.