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On Apple’s website, only a few hours since it went on sale, delivery estimates for the Mac Pro have slipped to February next year.

This morning, the store opened with delivery estimates of December 30th with some variants quoting a January timeframe. Now, it appears the initial allocation has sold out as Apple’s website now reports February shipment for all models.

Apple released the new Mac Pro this morning, six months after originally announcing the product, so it is unclear whether the lack of availability is due to pent-up demand or issues with production. The new Mac Pro is the first Mac to be assembled in the USA, so production issues could be at fault. New processes and manufacturing flows tend to result in lower-than-usual yields.

For avid buyers, it may be worth looking elsewhere in the meantime. Authorised Apple resellers may still have stock of the machine. As an added boon, shopping around at other outlets can also shave some of the cost off the Mac Pro’s hefty price tag.

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10 Responses to “Hours after release, Mac Pro shipment estimates slip to February 2014”

    • mockery17 says:

      Or they just can’t make it fast enough…


      • Tim Jr. says:

        A little of both I suspect.. There’s been some pent of demand for upgrades for a few years.. so it wouldn’t surprise me if the initial push was large.


    • Dan Jurak says:

      There seems to be a debate over whether or not the original SSD, CPU or video cards are user upgradeable over on another website.

      SSD’s do wear out eventually and three years down the road will the user be forced to return the Pro to Apple for replacement? I got burned on a 2011 tricked out iMac that had its secondary HD die after the warranty expired. It seemed that Apple had a proprietary Hitachi drive that had sensors built into it. Over the counter Hitachis didn’t.

      Is the new Pro a case of form over function? Will they lose serviceability over aesthetics?

      My iMac will need replacing in a couple of years. If the Pros are indeed unserviceable aside from RAM I might end up building a Hackintosh.

      I don’t mind paying for good value but if it means that down the road the purchase ends up being more expensive to fix…


  1. Tom Kocis says:

    The press release says that the new Mac Pro is made in Austin as part of Apple’s strategy of moving some manufacturing back to the USA. Seems like this to be a good article for 9to5mac.


  2. This is just Awesome! Impressive, MOST impressive!


  3. oriorda2012 says:

    Bereft of substance.

    ‘Hefty price tag’?? Maybe for a school kid, but for pros this screamer is cheap. Maybe that’s why it is flying off the shelf??

    The banal speculation about US assembly contributing to extended lead times needs supporting evidence to be worth more than the 2 seconds it takes to delete this article.


  4. verizon2828 says:

    Ordered my fully-loaded Mac Pro!! Wahoo!!


  5. Rae Revet says:

    Its bc its make in the USA If it was made in china it would be made alot faster bc USA proble only have 30,000 people and in china there would be 100,000 to 300,000 people working there now you tell me why things would be made faster in china.