Whether you’re in the market for great apps for yourself or gifting someone you know with apps you already love, it’s certainly a terrific time for buying some of the most notable apps on the Mac and iOS platforms. Just this morning we reported on a collection of indie developers who teamed up to create App Santa, a catalog of award-winning iOS apps including Tweetbot and 1Password with substantial discounts for the holiday season.

Joining in on the holiday spirit is Flexibits, the development team behind Chatology for Mac, Fantastical for Mac, and Fantastical for iPhone. All three are apps which reliably solve a specific problem.

Chatology makes searching through iMessage chat logs on OS X less of a nightmare with stable software that even supports link and image parsing. Fantastical for Mac and iPhone (review) both provide a streamlined calendar experience with consistent and impressive natural language input with real time feedback. Direct links, screenshots, and prices below…

Fantastical for iPhone – Reg. $4.99 on sale $1.99
Fantastical for Mac – Reg. $19.99 on sale $9.99
Chatology for Mac – Reg. $19.99 on sale $9.99

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3 Responses to “Flexibits discounting Chatology, Fantastical for Mac & iPhone for the holidays”

  1. I’m thinking about buying fantastical for mac since I find the iPhone version very good, but what stops Flexibits from announcing a ‘brand new and improved, best suited for 10.9′ fantastical 2 a week after the holidays and demanding full pay again? They have done that with the iPhone version, which was barely one year old.


    • Zac Hall says:

      I don’t think we’ll hear anything major on the Mac front until well after Fantastical for iPad ships.


    • You make a good point, but I agree with Zac. Mac development has been pretty stagnant lately in favor of iOS, and an iPad version is likely the top priority, followed by a new version for the Mac. Hope they don’t charge full price to existing customers for that since it’s already a $20 investment.