Apple has officially kicked off its “12 Gifts of Christmas” promotion by offering a free download of four live songs (two of which have videos) from Justin Timberlake’s performance at the iTunes Festival in September.

Previously available as the 12 days of Christmas app in a few countries internationally, this year Apple has released a new “12 Days of Gifts” app that is available in the U.S. for the first time. Starting today through January 6, users will be able to download the app to access one free gift a day. The gifts are usually content from across the iTunes, iBooks, and App Stores, with today’s gift coming as a free download directly on your device through iTunes.

Download the free 12 Days of Gifts app for iPhone or iPad now to access your free gift.

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6 Responses to “Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts app offers free download of Justin Timberlake’s iTunes Festival performances”

  1. The worst gift ever. Apple just took a shit in my christmas stocking. :(


  2. kley2013 says:

    Are you kidding me! This is the first day present…lol


  3. While I am very pleased to have recieved gifts from apple, I must question the logic that went into the first selection. I would think that most of us would have liked to see a free application as the first gift.

    While I personaly do not like Timberlake it was still nice to receive a present from apple.


  4. I’m hoping for iPhoto. Please make it free for me. This live song is the worst gift I have ever received. I like JT, but this sounds like it was recorded with an iPhone from the crowd. Terrible.