Virgin Mobile is knocking another 10% off their marked down iPhones yielding the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on the unsubsidized phones.


Note Apple charges $650 for an unlocked iPhone 5s and $550 for an iPhone 5c so savings is around $150/iPhone. While the iPhones are unsubsidized, Virgin does offer extremely competitive plans on the Sprint 4G LTE network starting at $30/month for unlimited text/data.


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6 Responses to “Virgin Mobile cuts unsubsidized iPhone 5s to $495 or iPhone 5c for $405 shipped”

  1. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    I’m almost tempted to buy one of these iPhone 5s models instead of an iPod Touch. That pretty decent pricing for a 64-bit smartphone and Touch ID.


  2. turists says:

    Is this phone unlocked and for 495$ you could buy and use on any network?


  3. they are giving unlocked phone @494.99$ .we can use this phone in india with indian sim card…