When Apple reports its quarterly earnings later today, the news will be good, according to the consensus view of 47 Apple analysts compiled by Fortune.

Analysts are expecting the company to report earnings of $58.1B for the final quarter of last year (Apple’s fiscal quarter 1), representing 4 percent earnings growth over the same quarter last year. This would be right at the top end of Apple’s guidance of $55-58B, and the first time in a year that Apple would have reported year-on-year growth … 

Only seven of the 47 analysts buck the trend, suggesting that Apple will again report negative growth, and Fortune points out that only two of those pessimistic estimates were made in the last three months.

The roundup follows earlier forecasts that Apple’s iPhone sales increased 16 percent to 55.3M, iPad sales up 10 percent to 25M and Mac sales up 13 percent to 4.6M. Asymco’s Horace Dediu has also suggested that total Apple device sales will equal those of Windows PCs this year – though we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out whether he is right.

We’ll of course be bringing you all the news when Apple reports its numbers. If you want to track how well the individual analysts did, Fortune has everything you need right here.


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One Response to “AAPL returns to growth, predict analysts, as we await quarterly earnings call”

  1. Apple defies gravity, once again.