AT&T Promo

Following a back and forth between T-Mobile and AT&T on promotions geared toward customers wanting to jump the carrier ship, AT&T announced today a short term promotion that actually rewards existing customers in addition to new users.

AT&T is shelling out $100 (in the form of a credit) for new lines including smartphones and tablets.

New and existing customers are eligible when you activate a qualifying wireless line

Add a new line for any smartphone, feature phone, tablet, wireless home phone, MiFi puck, or other connected device

You must remain active and in good standing for 45 days; your credit will be applied within 3 bill cycles

The promo runs through the end of March, so it’s not permanent, but it’s certainly a hefty incentive and hopefully of sign of what carrier competition can bring.

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4 Responses to “AT&T offering $100 to both new and existing customers”

  1. A $100 is a small price for AT&T to pay to sucker people into perpetual contracts with staggered dates.


  2. I left AT&T for T-Mobile about a year ago. I do enjoy the smaller bill every month, but the network coverage seems to be less stable with T-Mo., even though it says LTE.


  3. I have calculated the difference between AT&T and T-Mobile’s new plans. I pay $10 more per month on AT&T but get 1.5GB less of data. While I don’t even use my 1GB of data for AT&T that is not a big issue. Over 2 years it would only be a $240 savings and for me the better AT&T service is worth that money. While I wish AT&T would be more competitive on the rates, the inclusion of the subsidized pricing is finally a step in the right direction.


  4. Marc Greer says:

    If you signed up with AT&T after 1/18 you can still get the deal. Just call up customer support and ask for the discount. I did it and it worked. I got $100 off each of my two lines. Cheers