The content is mildly amusing – what impressed me more was the apparent ease with which he was able to just wander into Apple Stores with a staff t-shirt and start interacting with customers.

Of course, the clips are short and it’s entirely possible he lasted about 90 seconds in each store before being escorted from the premises …

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3 Responses to “Comic Tyler Fischer poses as Apple employee for pranks in four retail stores [Video]”

  1. aeronperyton says:

    Yeah, he probably got one and a half jokes off before being forced to leave. Apple Store staffers are a tight knit group, even in large flagship stores. It likely didn’t take any time at all for them to notice that the guy wasn’t a real employee.


  2. I get that he’s just trying (an I means trying) to be funny, but, in my opinion, this is borderline criminal. If I owned a storefront and some stranger came in and started harassing the customers, I would call the police. But I guess this idiot got what he wanted, publicity.


  3. Wow, that’s messed up. Funny though.