batsyHow does a retired Apple executive spend the post-Cupertino life? In Betsy Rafael’s case, she’s joining the board of domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy to serve as its first female board member, Recode reports.

After departing from her role as vice president and corporate controller at Apple in mid-2012, could Rafael’s presence on GoDaddy’s board be a turning point for the company’s reputation for creating suggestive, racy Super Bowl ads?

Interestingly, Rafael’s successor following her retirement is on schedule to rise to the rank of Apple’s chief financial officer. Apple’s current corporate controller, Luca Maestri, joined Apple from Xerox to replace Rafael after her retirement. Maestri will replace Peter Oppenheimer as CFO after Oppenheimer’s announced retirement in September.

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2 Responses to “Former Apple VP named GoDaddy’s first female board member”

  1. It’s not a “turning point”. GoDaddy has already done a lot of work to reverse their image, branding, and ad campaigns. They even replaced Bob Parsons as CEO. Having a woman on their board makes sense for this continued push, but it’s not likely that her addition is going to change much that hasn’t already been done.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    Do people actually fall for these trite PR stunts? “Our image has been tarnished, so we hired a female and that shows we’ve changed.”