lm-tile-refurbipad_LANG_ENThe Apple Store just got filled with refurbished iPad Airs in a few varieties starting at $419 for 16GB and $509 for 32GB in both Space Grey or White. That’s $80/$90 off the new price and the lowest price we’ve seen for iPad Airs with Apple’s 1 year AppleCare warranty (we saw them new for $430 last week). Apple certified refurbished products look and act like new, come with all manuals and accessories, a new outer shell batter and come in a new white box.

Walmart still has refurbished iPad Airs for $399 but with a more dubious 90-day non-Apple warranty. Meanwhile, if you are after new iPad Airs, Staples currently has them for $50 off across the board. 

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8 Responses to “You can now buy iPad Airs at the Apple Store (refurb) for $419/16GB or $509/32GB with 1 year warranty”

  1. dcj001 says:

    “iPad Airs with Apple’s 1 year AppleCare warranty”

    These come with one year warranties. But the warranties are not AppleCare, Seth. AppleCare includes telephone support for the duration of the coverage, which is not included in these refurbished iPad Airs.


  2. I think you mean “Apple Online Store”. Apple retail does not sell “refurbs”. Apple Genius here.


  3. dksmidtx says:

    If you are to using LTE (especially if you have a family share plan) the best deal around is with AT&T. You have to make a 2 year commitment ($10 per month) but you get $100 off upfront and other $100 credit after 45 days with the service. I needed (wanted?) LTE anyway, so $200 off retail on a new iPad was to hard to pass up.


  4. and why the should i do such a stupid thing?


  5. Anoop Menon says:

    This is an awesome move. Especially folks like me who wants devices to test customer applications we build, getting refurbished device is the way to go.


  6. Why isn’t this product in the general Apple refurb store yet? A business sales rep didn’t even think the refurb was available, until I provided him with your link. I can’t help but think Apple is trying to sell as many lower-end iPads to the general public (people who don’t keep track of what the newest iPad model is), but still sell refurbished iPad Airs now to those few who know and read

    How did you guys find the link? Press Announcement? Leak? Careful monitoring of Apple ONLINE Store? (ONLINE emphasis for Bryant)