You’ll remember my scoop from yesterday morning about Healthbook, a fitness + health tracking app likely arriving with iOS 8:

Now, the Weibo account that I said was credible last week has posted the same images in direct screenshot form:

Carry on… nothing new to see here. Also, congratulations to Michael Steeber on making the images look better than the real thing (Apple, you should hire him).

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12 Responses to “My Healthbook images from yesterday show up on Weibo in original form”

  1. What if it actually is not Healthbook app from Apple?


  2. tilalabubakr says:

    Well, he upper bar looks different.


  3. rahhbriley says:

    So…are they your images from yesterday, or Michael Steeber’s?


  4. Yea, Apple should totally hire Michael Steeber for his miraculous abilities to replicate an image in Photoshop. Breakthrough stuff. Aside from getting the colors wrong. Seriously, Orange/White for the Emergency card? Red/White is the universal symbol of hospitals.


  5. I would prefer all the blood tabs be a shade of red, all the oxygen, breathing a hydration tabs be blue, then things like weight, nutrition, and sleep be shades of green.


    • Sleep a shade of green? Green doesn’t remind me of bedtime very much. Actually, if you notice the color of the sleep card matches the color of the Do Not Disturb icon in Settings, which is a really nice touch.

      Seems to me like they’re pretty close to following some sort of logic/pattern behind the colors. Not all the way, but obviously they’ve still got many months left to work on this.


  6. Steve Ballen says:

    How did he 100% nail the icons? Either these are more mockups or he already had the screenshots.


    • Dani Estrela says:

      Thank you! Thought the same… Too much of a coincidence or Michael Steeber has one hell of photographic memory.


    • Stetson says:

      They said that he already had the screenshots. 9to5 made their mockups from the screenshots to avoid directly posting leaked alpha screenshots. They didn’t want to get their original source in trouble most likely.


  7. “Also, congratulations to Michael Steeber on making the images look better than the real thing” Your a bit cocky 9to5mac, not only you take screenshots of alpha unfinished software by your “connections” but then you comment on the design of something that wont be released to the general public for another 6 months??