Apple has updated its ‘Your Verse’ campaign web page with new stories of athletic teams using the iPad to help detect concussions in players, potentially helping save lives. Because concussions can’t be detected by medical equipment, players who suffer head injuries need to take cognition tests that measure their pre- and post-injury abilities to determine whether they’ve suffered a concussion.

Using an iPad app created by C3 Logix, medical staff can quickly test players for symptoms in a variety of areas, such as visual acuity and balance, and determine the severity of the concussion. For example, doctors can use the iPad’s accelerometer and gyroscope to help test a player’s balance:

In the past, it was easy to miss a concussion because of highly subjective reporting from athletes and errors made during paper-and-pencil data collection. But with iPad and the app, Cruickshank can make injury assessments based on precise measurements.

Using the iPad to detect concussions isn’t new technology, though. Notre Dame has been using the device for that purpose since last year and the NFL has given iPads to football teams to help with testing.

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3 Responses to “Apple takes concussions head-on with latest addition to ‘Your Verse’ campaign”

  1. Head-on eh? Have you no shame?

    Joke. Don’t kill me.


  2. You still don’t know haw hard a hit is though, so how can you accurately assess…??? While it may have it’s uses, i would look at http://www.shockbox.com as a more accurate way to measure a HIT though. I use in Snowboarding to measure, and if i bang my head, i know exactly how hard i hit it, and can see what the likely effects are as a result, and yes i know that doesn’t help much after the fact, but the shockbox really does play a big part in recovery. My kids have them as well, and they cannot lie about any fall if on the mountain now…