We’re huge fans of Pad & Quill so we’re excited to let you know that today the St. Paul, MN-based company announced some new wallets/cases for iPhone 5/s. Most notable is the $70 Traveller case [WANT] which will hold your iPhone and multiple cards in a pouch around back with a slider that helps eject your wares. We’ve noted before how much we like Pad and Quill’s rugged construction and genuine materials.

My dad had an old coin pouch that he carried everywhere with him and I have very good memories of that. We made this case inspired by his old coin pouch. It’s a tribute to my Dad and to the Craftsman. This is a VERY intricately hand assembled iPhone cover that includes a generous hidden back pocket for multiple Credit cards and ID. This is soft full grain luxury and rugged protection.

The Traveller comes in both Whiskey Brown and Onyx Black.

To accompany this new case, P&Q also just launched 3 new Pad & Quill Wallets made of the same luxury materials…

The Midtown $40 – The minimalist wallet made of Full Grain leather and parachute grade stitching. The Journeyman $55 – A great classic bifold for the everyday adventure The Odyssey  $90 – Ok, this one is for travel and it is amazing. Holds Passport, tickets, cc, ID and money. Even has a hidden pocket. All fits in the back of jean pocket or coat pocket. Even includes a Micro Pen for immigration documents!

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16 Responses to “Pad & Quill announce new iPhone 5/s Traveller soft leather case, inspired by old coin pouch”

  1. dcj001 says:

    iPhone 5/s.


  2. No protection for the bottom/front. It’s not even a consideration. What’s the point of a case that doesn’t protect the phone?


    • Actually… I’ve been using a plastic case that is made very much the same. I’ve dropped my phone a number of times without it being damaged (knock knock on wood)… So I’m sure this would give an added level of security if only because the leather would provide for a soft landing. But HEY… I could be wrong.


    • Brett Huhn says:

      They have cases that protect. This case isn’t for THAT. The POINT of THIS case is style for people that do not abuse their phones like children


    • Actually, the only thing that matters for most drop scenarios is that there is a robust “lip” that protrudes past the face of the display that prevents it from bearing the force of the impact with the ground. This case would certainly protect the phone during drops, and if you want a screen protector you can use one (although most screen protectors scratch easier than the actual screen), and the bottom of the device isn’t really at risk unless you’re keeping keys in your pocket.


  3. Rondo Bean says:

    Coin “pouch?” I believe it’s called a “coin purse.” Don’t worry about the name, hipsters aren’t afraid to carry a purse.


  4. Awful. And how can it be “inspired” by a coin pouch that it shares absolutely *none* of the same characteristics with? Other than being made out of leather that is.

    I’m so tired of Pad & Quill and their horrible “cases for geriatrics” as my nephew calls them. Putting your mobile gear in bulky cases made out of wood and leather that “simulate” (without looking much like them) old-school books and bags is just stupid.

    A case as bulky as the thinnest case these guys make, but made out of rubber or plastic would be roundly panned by critics, which leads me to believe that the only thing being sold here is “old-timey-ness.” I other words, these are basically for seniors or rich, trendy hipsters.

    It’s also pretty elitist to take your expensive luxury phone and put it in an even more expensive luxury case, just to tote it around and show off with. Put on a case on your iPhone if it’s a practical need. Putting on a case just to show off, or as a fashion statement (as with these ones) is ludicrous IMO.


  5. You guys sure do love to review awful leather cases. By awful I’m referring to any leather case ever.


  6. Nick Grant says:

    Ugly, just like everything else they make. The apple case is the same kind of design and just so much better.


    • Brett Huhn says:

      I have the Apple case in Red and it is thin and functional. This case looks somewhat more stout. My Red case gets dirty VERY quickly, but the price was right at $39.


  7. I’m not digging the new phone case. Although… I do own a iPad Mini case from them that is very nice, I will pass on this one. I believe that people should get what they want. If you can actually afford what you want, then you should really get it. I don’t have a problem with the pricing either. There are people who spend obscene amounts of money on cars, types of clothing, trendy foods and the such. This is no different. It’s about your preferences and if it fits in your budget (or savings).


  8. Nick Grant says:

    I have no problem with luxury pricing at all. I have a problem with badly designed and cheap looking products charging luxury prices. The card holder on the back of this case just leaves me speechless with how awful it is.


  9. I agree with Nick and Mr. Grey. If I pay premium prices I want premium stuff. For me the best in the business ,regarding leather macbook sleeves, leather iphone cases, is decoded. http://www.decodedbags.com
    I’ve never been disappointed with their products.