Images posted on Weibo claim to show an iPhone 6 under testing at Foxconn, via GforGames. The validity of these images cannot be confirmed, but the shots do line up with previous rumours. The iPhone 6 depicted here has a protruding camera (similar to the current design of the iPod touch), rounded edges and a considerably thinner profile than the current iPhone 5s.

Supposedly, these photos come from inside Foxconn itself. Drawings published on Friday reflect these images somewhat. A protruding camera component is part of the schematics, for example. Evidence of a thin chassis for the next-generation iPhone were originally found in January, albeit those pictures were as sketchy as these latest images.


Fake or not, the rumor mill is definitely converging on an iPhone design that melds together the aesthetics of the iPad mini and the current iPhone 5s with a screen much larger than the current lineup, with screen sizes expected in the 4.7inch and 5.5inch range as reported many times before.

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93 Responses to “Purported iPhone 6 pictures show protruding camera, rounded edges”

    • Most manufacturing plants including Foxconn run on PC’s. Matter fact I can’t think of a manufacturing plant that doesn’t run on PC…

    • jrox16 says:

      That’s supposedly a PC at the Foxconn factory, which has no reason to use a Mac and would most likely buy the cheapest PCs up to the task to save costs. Being a PC and not a Mac is irrelevant.

      But I’d bet it’s fake because I have an extremely hard time believing Apple (Jony Ive) would have a protruding camera on the iPhone. No way. Either that’s some kind of camera lens cover that appears to protrude, or this is fake.

      • Laslo Munich says:

        Doesn’t have much to do with the “cheapest”. It just so happens that still, the majority of meaningful business applications are written for Windows. Not anti-Apple, just stating a fact. It’s a huge industry for software. Of course, more and more of it will be multi-platform year by year – but real change, where process control and process matters takes a considerable amount of time. Manufacturers don’t go “ohhh lookie a new version of the software running my billion dollar assembly plant is in iTunes, let’s get it!” Typically there is integration with their processes – new software might go down once per decade… maybe… possibly… but probably not.

  1. alexfirth says:

    I hope the camera doesn’t protrude out of the chassis. It’s the only thing I don’t like about the iPod Touch. I’m sure Apple’s engineers will solve the problem.

  2. Nothing like metal and plastic together……

    Come on. Do something “NEW”

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about a protruding camera…

    • Almost. It seems like the glass windows of the 5/5s have been replaced by aluminum windows, but there are still plastic gaps for the signal to go through. This is similar to what the HTC One is doing to prevent a Faraday cage. I don’t think it would have been technically feasible to have a 100% metal back.

      • Could those pieces be liquid metal for better reception?

      • deeplyaware says:

        Those pieces could be just protective strips of material, just like on top of the Apple logo :) These photos look legit, and they are not a surprise at all, since the ipad mini came out. They will all look like the ipad mini in one way or another. All we need is come chamfered edges on the laptops, and I think we’re all covered.

  4. The idea of a protruding camera on the iPhone is just just just just so horrible that I can’t even think of it for now. I can’t even begin to fathom what forces at Apple would get them to that design endpoint. It’s smacks of a desire to obtain one goal (ever thinner) at the sacrifice of something else. What this also means is that we must now wait for the iPhone 8 to allow time for camera sensor technology to catch up to fit in such a small package. We have seen this play out in their products / engineer approach before. Such as the desire to put a retina display into the iPad 3 — which made it heavier than a boat anchor. It then took several years before the iPad Air solved that problem. If true, this is a setup for that same scenario!

  5. ttss6 says:

    The one thing I hated about the iTouch 5G’s design is the protruding camera. That’s the reason why they added the cheesy wrist strap so that the protruding camera wouldn’t stick out as much. Unless they can make the camera thinner, they should have it be flush with the rest of the phone and use the slightly thicker design to add some more battery so the iPhone 6 can get closer to having all day battery life comparable to the current gen MacBook Air.

  6. mcp345 says:

    Funny to see that this is inside Foxconn and they’re using windows, because didn’t Steve go absolutely nuts when someone who he was working with came in with a windows pc?? And besides that, weren’t all the computers in the NEXT factory all NEXT pc’s? Anyone who can verify?

  7. PMZanetti says:

    Looks like the real deal to me.

  8. Paul Snow says:

    If all you can get is a photo of a screen showing a photo of the rumored iPhone 6…
    I don’t know how I feel about the protruding camera, but it is weird because there’s a white line around the upper and lower parts of the case, perhaps they’re going to add crystal in these parts.

  9. So it looks like the frame is entirely metal, yet there are still outlines around where the glass windows would be on the iPhone 5. Perhaps they’ve used liquid metal to inject into these areas where glass would have been on the iPhone 5, to make it appear as if it is a single piece aluminum unibody.

    That would be awesome. They don’t quite have the ability to create entire iPhones with liquid metal, but this seems like the next best thing.

  10. Chris Murphy says:

    Forget the protruding camera, what is up with that huge plastic gap around the edges?

  11. You are a fool to think this will be the final model of the next iPhone, its prototype season along with some fakes

  12. rogifan says:

    Where is the true tone flash? Why would Apple abandon it after only a year? Perhaps this is a new iPod touch?

  13. a420turbo says:

    In the picture with the schematic of the lightning connector we are looking at the 5.5″ screen. The connector in that picture is roughly half the width of the actual connector on the 5/5S (99.9% chance they stay the same from 5/5S) … The width of that iphone is 2.75″ so it can’t be the 4.7 unless Apple makes its iPhone shorter 99% not happening. So in that picture the iphone is roughly 2.75 x 4.75.

  14. nunyabines says:

    There making the phone too tall. It’s going to end up sticking half out my pocket rather than making the entire screen bigger which is what people want. Not just a taller screen. Don’t believe this is real.

  15. So it’s apparently as thin as the ‘central part’ of the iPhone 5S (when removing the cut bezels part).
    Camera that comes out isn’t very nice.

  16. I’d much sooner see an iPhone that wasn’t thin for the sake of mere aesthetics. Battery life is far more important.

  17. CJ Sheets says:

    Would you rather have a thinner iPhone with a protruding camera or a slightly thicker iPhone with a larger battery and flush camera? Personally I’d take the thicker/larger battery any day. This manufacturer obsession with producing the thinnest phone is sacrificing battery life at the same time. And what for, to say “thinnest iPhone ever” in the marketing bullet points?

  18. Would like to see a close up of that schematics where the actual dimensions are listed.

  19. The schematics that show the 5.5″ phone are actually the very first concrete-(ish) indications that the thing is even real. Everything previous has indicated that they are only making the 4.7″ one. Therefore, I am going to go with the probability that the schematics are bogus given that a 5.5″ iPhone as well as releasing two iPhone sizes at once, makes no f*cking sense at all.

    • Bigger model with attachable lenses makes sense. Two sizes make sense because people are preceding larger models. I never use my iPhone one handed unless talking on it so a bigger size wouldn’t give me more information on the screen and keep the ease if use.

  20. If Apple can make a phone half the size of the 5 and 5S, I would just love it. If the sizes stated are true, I really think Samsung and other handset makers will be scrambling to do whatever they can to discredit it, make fun of it, and make a phone that looks like it.The demand will be crazy!

    • offthedial says:

      Samsung is going to do everything they can to discredit it no matter what Apple releases in the next iPhone, because that’s what Samsung does.

  21. Jason Frost says:

    I also hope it doesn’t have a protruding camera either.

  22. Ugh. not a big fan of the protruding camera design. I like using my phone flat on my desk. Oh well. It’ll be years before I upgrade from my 5 anyway. It’ll be flat again by the time the 7 rolls around.

  23. I find it hilarious that the most advanced iPhone yet is being designed on a workstation that is apparently running Windows XP.

    • rettun1 says:

      I don’t think the Foxconn workers do too much of the designing

    • standardpull says:

      Anyone in manufacturing knows that all those purchased machine tools use software that is decades old. Heck, we have equipment in our shop that is still paper tape driven. If it works, and if it costs $30 million dollars to replace, you don’t just upgrade it because it uses older tech.

  24. They’re developing using Windows XP? Come on. There’s no way.

  25. As long as it has a much bigger screen, I will be happy. I am tired of having Android screen size envy.

  26. The device in picture ‘iphone-6-02′ is not an iPhone it’s an iPod touch. The bottom side looks the same as the current iPod. The iPhone has a second grill next to the headphone jack the iPod touch doesn’t.

  27. standardpull says:

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that these are images of a real Apple design.

  28. Pravin Bhana says:

    I’m all for a bigger iPhone even two sizes. But the design if it looked like the iPad Mini, with Retina Display and a new IOS 8 will be a winner, in my books!

  29. Salman M says:

    the silver color and the white lines remind me of HTC One.

  30. tobicom says:

    Hope Apple is bringing a new Design, iPhone 5 Design is nice but need someting new!

  31. Josh Hicks says:

    I think this is the real deal! As for the protruding camera, just remember how a patent was spotted for what looked like a lens mounting system for the new model

  32. Where is the speaker on the bottom of the iPhone? I think it’s fake