It may be five or so months before Apple launches the iPhone 6, with very little known for sure at this stage, but the case makers have already started firing-up their 3D printers.

French site NoWhereElse has posted photos of what claims to be transparent cases for the iPhone 6, with a cut-out for the rumored new position of the power button, on the side of the phone, opposite the volume buttons. Oddly, however, there is also a button-shaped cut-out on the top of the phone.


NWE acknowledges that the source of the photo has no track-record of leaks, and we can’t see any reason to believe this is anything more than the usual attempts by case companies to guess what Apple plans to launch – a move that can sometimes have expensive consequences.

However, it has been known for case makers to get it right, basing their designs and measurements on molds from Chinese manufacturers, so it can’t be entirely discounted.

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6 Responses to “Dubious iPhone 6 cases already rolling in”

  1. Honestly, with have all iPhone models until the 5 (still use it) and then having a Moto X and a Nexus 5 the lock buttons on the side can be very awkward. I understand that if you put it at the top of a big phone it might be awkward still but having the button on the always confuses me when playing a game. I think it is the volume button but then i end up locking the screen. I get that its a different shape on 4/S, 5/S but if the buttons are not going to be a circle anymore and be like the iPhone 5C buttons i will get confused a lot.
    But then again maybe it’s a heart rate monitor.. Oh wait you can download an App and use your camera and flash for that…
    I honestly don’t think that they will change the lock button location. (I have a medium size palm but short fingers) On my Moto X i can use the phone and i could still manage to lock it (if the button was on the top) and same with my Nexus, its a little different on the Nexus but i can. I can see it possibly being moved on say a 5.5 inch phone but not on a 4.7 inch. Then again it all depends on how much bezel is on the phone. You could possibly tweak an iPhone 5 to fit a 4.5 inch screen or so. Added screen length (minimizing the bezel on the top and bottom) and no side bezel and you’ve nailed it.
    Can’t wait to see what Apple does with the iPhone 6.


  2. Case makers have done that before and have been wrong before. This means nothing.


  3. Michael Griz says:

    Take a look closer. I can see the power button in the top right corner.


    • SA Juntunen says:

      That’s the back of the case facing you. The button on top is in the wrong location for the lock/power button as it is configured now… If they are moving the lock button to the side, then another button may have been placed on the opposite corner for some other functionality… Who knows at this point (aside from Apple team members who are working on it…).


  4. jpatel330 says:

    this is a fake.. if you look closely at the smaller case (iphone 5 case) on the right side, it also has the power button on the wrong side. someone didn’t do a good job.