Following a number of leaks claiming to show prototypes, cases, and manufacturing tools for the next-generation iPhone, today yet another leak of a physical iPhone 6 mockup has popped up via Japanese blog The site posted images from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair taking place from April 13-16 that apparently show mockups of the iPhone 6 used by case makers to create cases and accessories they plan to launch alongside the new iPhone.  

The publication tells us that there were several accessory manufacturers showing off physical iPhone 6 mock ups used to create their upcoming accessories that were also on show.

In recent weeks more and more alleged iPhone 6 shots have been discovered online, including this one claiming to show an iPhone 6 front panel from this morning.

All of the leaks point to what Apple has long been rumored to be working on, an iPhone with a larger display somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.7 to 5.5 inches. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time case makers have started manufacturing products based on rumored specs for an upcoming device, but we’ve also seen them take that gamble and get it wrong in the past.

More images and a video of the iPhone 6 mockup below:

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10 Responses to “Physical iPhone 6 mockups & upcoming accessories shown off at Hong Kong Electronics Fair”

  1. rgracia says:

    This is not news.


  2. Joel Henson says:

    I never thought I’d get tired of Apple rumors on upcoming products I want, but the iPhone 6 rumor mill has gone past annoying and straight into avoid territory.


  3. drtyrell969 says:

    Someone queue the Beatles song “Yesterday.”


  4. themis333 says:

    It’s only going to intensify from here.


  5. wow looks a lot like the HTC One M8 as far as the curved bezels.


  6. I have enough of this already


  7. tigerpork says:

    Knew it was a fake.


  8. Gang, could you share your opinion on Project Ara? Will it be DOA? If not, do you think this upcoming iPhone will be prepared to face this new kind of threat in the market? Customization seems like a strong future trend. Do you agree?