New images from show some sort of physical mockup of the alleged ‘iPhone 6′ design we have seen from many sources in the past few days.

The purpose of this mockup model is not clear. At first glance, it seems like some sort of dummy model, that could be used by case manufacturers to validate and refine case designs. This is what the site has to say on the matter, via Google Translate:

Published by a member of a well-known Chinese forum indiscretions cabbage lovers, the three photos that I propose to examine in this article are meant to introduce the physical model of one of the two future iPhone rumored ad with a lot of leaks for several months already. Prototype for reference molding to prop in mobile telephony.

The validity of these models are very sketchy. It is unclear whether this mockup was made because of the other leaks, or the other leaks were inspired by this dummy unit.

Lining up very closely with renders from a week ago, the images clearly show the curved edges and ultra-thin profile of this supposed iPhone 6 casing. Unfortunately, the person responsible for these images did not report measurements so exact details on thinness and size are not known. The previous renders suggested the upcoming device will be just 6mm in thickness.

Judging by eye, though, it seems to approximately resemble a 4.7 inch screen size. The sides are also substantially thinner and clearly depict the elongated pill-shaped volume buttons. Supposed images of these components surfaced on Monday.

Yesterday, an analyst speculated that Apple would favor device slimness over improvements to image stabilization. In these molds, a hole for the camera is filled with a protruding piece. However, it is unclear whether this is done purposefully, to reflect the fact that the final device will have an exposed camera component. The mystery of the absence of the dual-flash reappears here, too.


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54 Responses to “Alleged iPhone 6 dummy molds appear online, reflecting thin design seen in previous leaks”

  1. Still has a protruding camera lens. PLEASE DONT APPLE!

    • mikhailt says:

      If it is as thin as iPod Touch, then yes, it’ll have a protruding camera, just like the iPod touch.

      • I understand that, but man would that be a pain. It may sounds like a little thing, but I would hate to not have it flush. That is just asking to be bumped and bent.

      • rahhbriley says:

        I don’t think it would bend, though I understand the general concern. The one thing that has kept me interested is their recent patents regarding magnetic lens attachments.

      • Wait, you don’t use a case and you’re worried about bumps and bends? Dear god.

      • mikhailt says:

        Don’t you think the same thoughts apply to people who bought iPod touches? I never had any issues with iPod touches and nor did anybody I know who has one. It’s not that big of a deal.

    • couldn’t agree more. it’s unlike apple to have something like that and I hope it doesn’t come to fruition.

    • The protruding camera might just be a guide to the case manufacturers… (Or optical zoom?) I really don’t think that Apple is going to be that sloppy concerning the design of one of their most known (and profitable) products…

    • this could be dummy from so many other Apple made before finalising the one which we will see in September

    • Jason Piebes says:

      I’m a little apprehensive too… But, this opens up a door that has been developing in the aftermarket for a few years now. With an exposed lens barrel, one could thread the outside and and now allow lens attachments for telephoto and macro abilities without having to buy a ‘special’ case. Couple this with an alleged image stabilizer and the world’s most prolific camera just got a major upgrade.

    • I think this one point is the main reason that this model has to be at least partially fake.

      The way it is in the picture, if you laid this phone down on the table, it would rock back and forth (unevenly BTW) on that knob of a camera. This is something that Apple won’t do again after getting the bad feedback ( on the iPod touch IMO.

      If they do this, every single review of the iPhone 6 no matter how good overall will have a paragraph about how “you can’t lay it flat on the table,” and what a drag that is.

  2. Chinese forum indiscretions cabbage lovers? WTF?

  3. Ryan Bradley says:

    If it’s that thin, and has round edges, it’s going to be even more of a PITA to pick up off a flat surface than the 5S is.

  4. dugbug says:

    ‘indiscretion cabbage lovers”? I have never seen those three words together.

  5. rettun1 says:

    So much uncertainty…

    How refreshing!

  6. Maybe the camera circular protrusion is for the raised camera lens. As for the absence of the dual-LED flash, only Apple could tell.

  7. bobbell69 says:

    Interesting. But we still want more

  8. uniszuurmond says:

    I would rather have it slightly thicker to avoid a protruding camera (I also do not use a case, AND I often use my phone flat down on a surface). The rest of the thickness can be used to increase battery life.

  9. patstar5 says:

    Too late Apple, I switched to android already and love it! Only paid $180 for refurbished galaxy s4. Has bigger screen than iphone 5s and better camera. Probably will get htc later on, plastic build is horrible and I hate samsung. Well $180 is cheaper than unlocked iphone 5s. Hopefully apple will make itunes for android like rumour saids so I don’t have to sync to mac each time.

  10. “Indiscretion Cabbage Lovers” ???

    Seriously, folks – either walk up to someone who speaks French, or don’t bother with Google Translate.

    The actual terms used translate to : “Publiées par le membre d’un forum chinois bien connu des amateurs d’indiscrétions pommées…” – “Published by a member of a Chinese forum well-known to aficionados of leaky apple-flavored fruit” (roughly translated from “amateurs of apple-flavored indiscretions”).

    The rest of the translate is about as terrible, and seriously alters the impression and perception of the content.

  11. toutestnul says:

    I think a more accurate translation would be :

    Published by a member of a Chinese forum that is well known for its indiscretions about Apple, the three pictures that I propose to examine in this article are supposed to show a physical mockup of one of the two iPhone that have been rumoured for several months. These prototypes are used as a reference to mold accessories for the phone.

  12. confluxnz says:

    Too thin, looks like a square pancake haha. Personally, I’d have a thicker phone that can hold a battery which lasts more than 8 hours. Really hoping this isn’t the final design / it is fake.

  13. Brb, signing up for the ‘indiscretion cabbage lovers’ forum.

  14. no, no, no… please tell me this is fake!

  15. Robbie Bone says:

    could they release it in June? I just can’t see them releasing iWatch bigger iPads and tvs all in the fall… and it’s not like they need more time to build a phone that should have been released last year.

  16. I know many have their doubts about the thinness, battery and possible protruding camera. But I think this phone will be phenomenal.

  17. tomtubbs says:

    Does the iPhone 6 dimensions mean more , equal or less volume? IS there more space for battery and NAND Flash if it’s the supposed thinner width?

  18. guys this is not the 4.7 but the 5.5! the wider the screen the tinned the device! have a look at the sketches leaked some weeks ago in which the 2 models are compared

  19. Those are indicator markings friends… Check the screen depth and outline too.. and the camera too.. Those are indications not actuals..