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Apple released a minor bug fix for iTunes 11.2.1 tonight following yesterday’s release of iTunes 11.2 alongside OS X 10.9.3. The release notes echo yesterday’s updated features, but installing the update does indeed fix the hidden “/Users” folder many users were experiencing.

Apple has since shared the following explanation:

“Available for: Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later

Impact: A local user can compromise other local user accounts

Description: Upon each reboot, the permissions for the /Users and /Users/Shared directories would be set to world-writable, allowing modification of these directories. This issue was addressed with improved permission handling. For information on the general content of iTunes 11.2.1, see”

I’ve tested tonight’s update on two machines with hidden Users folders and both became visible immediately after the update without requiring a reboot.

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10 Responses to “Apple releases quick iTunes 11.2.1 bug fix to address hidden Users folder”

  1. I don’t understand how an update to an application can affect the file system like that…


  2. Avenged110 says:

    Wow, that x.x.1 update even upgraded you to a Retina Display…


  3. Flurve Sageo says:

    Yeah, I just saw the update, I only went over to 11.2 yesterday and I was shouting out expletives; I am mobile at the moment so no decent BB access, but I read its just a fix not a full load, and downloaded it, I was watching my users folder because 1) I noticed it had disappeared and 2) I read this article…needless to say, I actually saw the users folder magically reappear…What is it with Apple these days?


    • dcj001 says:

      “What is it with Apple these days?”

      A software update made the Users folder disappear. Anyone who needs access to this folder should have known how to access it.

      Shortly thereafter, Apple resolved the issue.

      Do you always totally lose your composure when non-issues occur?