Following the release of Apple TV update version 6.1 alongside the release of iOS 7.1 in early March, we’ve received several reports of an issue with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound in the Apple TV’s Netflix app. Following the update, users with 5.1 systems are only able to get stereo output from Netflix on the Apple TV. There have been an increasing number of complaints online in several Apple support forums as recent as this morning, but up until now Netflix and Apple have been quiet on the issue.

We’ve reached out to Netflix several times since the release of the Apple TV update and this morning the company acknowledged it’s aware of the problem and working to roll out a fix: “We are aware of the issue and are working to deploy a fix.”

We hope to have the fix out soon, but I can’t commit to a date. We have put a workaround in place that will playback titles in stereo instead of Dolby Digital 5.1.

It’s not providing any additional info or an ETA on when you can expect the fix, but at least you now have confirmation a fix is finally on the way three months after initial reports.

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8 Responses to “Netflix says fix for Dolby Digital 5.1 on its Apple TV channel coming soon”

  1. My apple tv never could output 5.1 ch to my sony receiver… Its connected via optical cable and everything set correctly in settings. Ive already given up on that.


  2. zroger73 says:

    The very moment I upgraded each of my three Apple TVs to 6.1, I lost Dolby Digital 5.1 output from Netflix to my receivers. About a month later, Apple rolled out the 6.1.1 update, which immediately brought back DD 5.1. Days later, it stopped working again (this time with no apparent update involved) and has been this way for over a month. I’ve lost count how many chats and calls I’ve had with both Apple and Netflix. Apple blames Netflix. Netflix blames Apple. Other Apple TV apps send out DD 5.1 with no problem AND all my other devices such as smart TVs and Blu-Ray players send out DD 5.1 from Netflix – the problem seems to affect only the Netflix app on the Apple TV. It shouldn’t take this long to fix this issue. Netflix refused to issue credit stating that they only “guarantee that I’ll get [any type of] sound”, not “guarantee that I’ll get DD 5.1 sound”. I’m not sure if I want to cancel Netflix, trash my Apple TVs, or both.


  3. The only thing i use my Apple Tv for is to watch Netflix bur now without 5.1 working i have no use for either the Apple Tv or Netflix :-(
    Im not going to by the new Apple Tv 4 when it comes out on the market when apple supports it this crappy.
    /Mattias Widell


  4. Yes, DD 5.1 is great to have, but there are still a lot of people out there who have the cheap stereo systems with only one optical input, or none, and some who aren’t using more than 3.0 (especially small homes or people with small living rooms. Even if you live and breath DD 5.1 this is no reason to threaten to ditch your Apple TV or Netflix. All apps on all platforms run into glitches or hardware and software issues. The Apple TV is still the most stable platform out there with tried, tested and proved well used, and easy to use, apps. Netflix on AppleTV is still the best set top Netflix experience I have had. I have a connected TV, blu-ray player, Roku all with Netflix and the Apple TV still beats them all (and I am still on the 2nd gen AppleTV). I love DD 5.1, but if I have the choice of best user interface for netflix available with stereo and a lesser than stellar utilization of netflix with DD I will take the better user interface any day.


  5. I noticed today that Netflix is not displaying the DD icon on any items in the Apple TV app (in Canada, at least).


  6. shakoush2001 says:

    If you want to change Netflix region to USA, or unblock Netflix from an unsupported country use