Now you’ve had a chance to catch up on our coverage of the main new features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, and seen our hands-on videos (iOS 8 overview, OS X Yosemite overviewiOS 8 Spotlight and iOS 8 interactive notifications), we’d like to hear your first impressions of each.

Whether you’re blown away by all the new features, disappointed by things you wanted but didn’t get, or just a bit underwhelmed, here’s your chance to let us know.

We’ve summarized the features Apple has chosen to highlight, and there are separate polls for each platform … 

The iOS 8 features Apple has chosen to highlight in its microsite are:

  • Photos: Every photo you take, now on all your devices, automatically – with synced edits
  • Messages: Add voice, video and location to any message
  • Design: Responses to notifications, shortcuts to your key contacts, time-saving features for managing mail
  • Keyboard: Predictive text, context-dependent, making different suggestions in Messages and Mail
  • Family sharing: Up to six people can share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases
  • iCloud Drive: Store any kind of file, accessible on all your devices
  • Health: All your health & fitness apps can now talk to each other, with a dashboard summary
  • Connected devices: Easier than ever to start something on one device and continue it on another
  • Spotlight: Now gives you suggestions from more places, with context & location awareness

The features Apple highlights for Yosemite are:

  • Notification Center: A new Today view with everything from events to stocks & weather
  • Spotlight: Rich, scrollable previews of results, and includes Wikipedia, Bing, Maps and more
  • Safari: Streamlined toolbar, more usable space, faster performance, greater privacy
  • Mail: Send larger attachments, annotate documents, fillable forms, faster performance
  • Messages: Send & receive both iMessages and text messages on your Mac
  • iCloud Drive: Store any kind of file, accessible on all your devices. Add tags to find files faster
  • Connected devices: Phone calls & SMS on your Mac; handoff between devices; instant hotspot

Please use the comments to let us know what least and most impresses you. We’re expecting you to have a lot to say, so may not be able to respond to many, but we will read them all.

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165 Responses to “Polls: What are your first impressions of iOS 8 and Yosemite?”

  1. sarasvvati says:

    I am not a tech geek or someone with a very great knowledge about design, and technology. I personally do not really love the new UI of iOS 8 and Yosemite. I think it’s so grey-ish and somehow, grey is not an outstanding color.

    But anyway, I really love the integration between iOS and OSX. Everything happens in my iPhone and iPad also happens in my mac and vice versa. It makes me possible to check everything at once just with one gadget.


  2. Robbie Lee says:

    Am I a preschooler? Did I go back in time or something? These icons look like a kid designed them, and they are so flat.


  3. James Burke says:

    I think it really stinks. Mavericks was a downgrade in itself, but Yosemite has really made me want to leave mac behind. I first did an install just from the app store. Really big mistake, as my mac went to a crawling speed. Next I did a clean install using a USB drive, and migration assistant. It was a touch faster, but still much slower. Last I tried a clean install, w/o using migration assistant at all. I planned on bringing my apps, user settings, and documents back using time machine. Guess what, it didn’t even have my hard drive locatable anywhere in my mac, and also absolutely no way to access my time machine.W/O being able to access that, their is absolutely no way to reinstall any of my backups. Well, I suppose I could just do it the hard way, by entering my backup drive, but thats isn’t why I spent over a grand on my Mac, in the first place.
    The icon graphics are really cheesy, and I really hate how their forcing me into the cloud. Yes I like how my IOS, and OS integrate using the cloud, but shouldn’t that be optional. I also like how Safari’s bookmarks now operate, but why has everything else suddenly failed?


  4. Scott Paré says:

    I HATE THIS FLAT LOOK AND CANDY COLORS!!!! where do I sign up to be a graphic designer this flat look is cake! IDIOTS