Super Bowl 50 may not be until 2016, but preparations are already underway for the landmark game, which will be held in the brand new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. To help pay for the costs of holding this massive event, several Silicon Valley companies, including Apple, Google, and Intel, have each pledged $2 million.

This money will go toward funding the public costs associated with bringing a throng of excited sports fans from across the nation into the same city, such as police overtime.

Earlier this year Apple was believed to be preparing an ad to air during the Super Bowl for the 30th anniversary of the Mac, though the ad was instead posted to the company’s website.

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2 Responses to “Apple kicks in $2 million to help bring Super Bowl 50 to the Bay Area”

  1. telecastle says:

    As a shareholder, I was not asked to vote on this. Why did Apple waste $2 million of shareholders’ money on this? Tim Cook can give his own cash to whatever cause he wants, but how dare he give shareholders money like this?


    • The ’50th annual Superbowl’ will most likely be one of the largest media events for the American market, so it makes sense to pump cash for publicity. Secondly, you’re a moron, might want to do some research into what rights you actually have and the how much Apple owns of its business If you actually have an issue with this, take it up with the government. The cash is offsetting what was already coming out of your pocket as a taxpayer. Next best thing? Take your stocks and sell them, because I highly doubt Apple has such a healthy share figure listening to whatever rubbish you have to offer.