Update #2: AT&T’s official statement: 

AT&T GoPhone prepaid service is now available in Apple Retail stores. Prepaid service is also available for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4S in AT&T and Cricket Wireless stores and online at att.com and at cricketwireless.com.

Update: A contact has confirmed that AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone plans are also supported by iPhones at Apple Retail Store locations as we previously reported to expect…

Following our report earlier this month that Apple was preparing to begin selling iPhones with prepaid plans through its retail stores, today T-Mobile confirmed iPhones with its prepaid service can now be purchased and activated in Apple stores across the country.

To go along with the launch, T-Mobile will offer discounts in the form of $50 off the device for prepaid plans and a $50 iTunes gift card for iPhones activated on its Simple Choice postpaid plans.

T-Mobile customers can now purchase and activate an iPhone with T-Mobile prepaid service in more than 250 Apple stores across the nation. In addition, for a limited time, customers who purchase a new iPhone with T-Mobile prepaid service can get $50 off the device, and those who buy a new iPhone with a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan can get a $50 iTunes gift card.

T-Mobile’s fine print notes: “Must activate device in-store. Limit 1 device per customer. Offer only valid with activation of  $50 or $70 worth of service. Offer subject to change.” That lines up with our earlier report that Apple stores would offer the prepaid iPhones on -T-Mobile’s’ $50/month (1GB LTE data) and $70/month (5GB LTE data) unlimited data plans.

In our earlier report we noted that Apple also has plans to introduce AT&T prepaid iPhones as part of the same initiative. Customers activating devices on AT&T would need at least a $60 per month pre-paid plan (with 2.5GB of internet data and unlimited talk and text).

The prepaid T-Mobile iPhones and deals are now available in over 250 Apple retail stores in the US.

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13 Responses to “Apple stores begin selling & activating prepaid T-Mobile iPhones (Update: AT&T GoPhone too)”

  1. Come on, what’s the pricing? Surely that’s an obviously critical part of the story.


  2. mrthomas16 says:

    This should be good for prepaid users. This will give more choices for users of this kind of plan with T-Mobile.


  3. herb02135go says:

    The obvious part of the story is often left out of the story. That’s what happens when you just copy and paste a news release, especially if the info is not postive for Apple.


  4. If only Apple would let you buy the phones using the same no-contract 12, 18, 24 month payment plans that the US carriers are offering. I used to buy my iPhones directly from Apple, but for the next phone, I’ll likely be going to my carrier because I don’t want to go into another contract.


  5. herb02135go says:

    I you’ve got to take out a loan to buy a phone you probably shouldn’t be buying a phone.


  6. RK Soni says:

    So now I can buy my favorite phone with unlimited plan of T-Mo…………….telecomvibe[dot]com