The Weather Channel app for iPad gets a nice update today that brings an overhauled design that the company says is closely aligned to the iOS 7 aesthetic. It also introduces new background photos that display the current weather conditions of the location you’re viewing and tweaked navigation that makes moving around the app easier.

The Weather Channel will officially be replacing Yahoo as the source for Apple’s stock Weather app in the upcoming release of iOS 8 this fall. Part of that decision, according to a recent report, was due to some new enhancements made to The Weather Channel service over the last year.

The Weather Channel app version 4.0 for iPad is available for free on the App Store.

What’s New in Version 4.0.0

Design— Beautiful and easy-to-use. This app is closely aligned to the iOS 7 aesthetic, and our amazing background photos match your current weather conditions.

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11 Responses to “The Weather Channel iPad app gets new iOS 7-style redesign”

  1. Why are they still insisting on black status bar over transparent one?


  2. The Weather Channel’s app upgrade is all about throwing more and larger ads at you.


    • fjpoblam says:

      Yep, but (1) not on the daily screen and (2) in 10-day-forecast mode in landscape on my iPad mini, just a hair less intrusive. As a weather junkie, I’ve tried 26 apps, and found the Weather Station to be the most accurate predictor for our area. It and WeatherMate live on my home screen; the other 24 have been returned to the cloud, in wait. (Get it? Cloud? Bwahahaha…)


  3. rogifan says:

    Finally! I like it except for the black status bar.


  4. With change of Weather Channel on iPhone. Why not include The Weather Channel on iPad by default ?…


  5. herb02135go says:

    Why force bloatware on customers?
    I like TWC but not everyone does.


  6. Wow awesome finally
    Just 10months after releasing ios 7 and 2 month before ios 8 is out
    Congratulations to snails :D
    Hope they will make it work on ios 8 before march :)


  7. Nice. The old iPhone app was atrocious. The redesign is much, much better.


  8. platonicmoney says:

    Now all The Weather Channel needs to do is be accurate more than 25% of the time and we’ll have something. It’s a joke compared with Accuweather or Weather Underground.


  9. a beautiful weather app is a bad app if it is inaccurate.