Apple has added another market for its Apple Store iPhone “reuse and recycle” trade-in program: Italy. This is indicated by a new panel inside of the Italy Apple Store listings within the official Apple Store app. The app indicates that Apple is offering trade-ins of older iPhones models for up to €220. This converts to roughly 300 U.S. dollars.

According to a source, Apple is also planning to rollout the same program in Australia as soon as this upcoming week. Apple is said to have been training employees in Australia on the program over the course of the last several days.

The trade-in program allows a user of an older iPhone model (3G and up) to bring the phone in and receive gift card credit toward the purchase of an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 4s…

The program first launched in the U.S. last year, and it has since also expanded to Spain, the U.K, Germany, Canada, and  France. Apple has also recently debuted an iPad version of the program for those aforementioned regions, but Apple has not yet commented on an iPad program for Italy. The reuse and recycle program is one facet of Apple’s recent iPhone sales push that has seen the debut of an improved Apple Store app, iBeacon location technology in stores, all-hands meetings between Tim Cook and retail store managers, promotions for the trade-in program, and of a program to purchase iPhones on month-to-month carrier plans.

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2 Responses to “Apple Store iPhone trade-in program launches in Italy, coming soon to Australia”

    • Its available also here in spain, but its very unseful. They give you like 80€ for an iphone 4. For sure you can get something like 220 if you has the MAX GB iphone 4s but if you dont, you can sell your iphone for more money in ebay. It’s not a real offer for clients,