Navigation app MapQuest has been updated to version 4.4, offering more accurate ETAs thanks to better traffic data; an app-specific volume control that allows you to set the voice navigation volume independently of other apps; Ballpark Guides to MLB stadiums and airport maps; and GrubHub integration to allow you to order food from take-out restaurants before the app navigates you there to collect it.

While MapQuest, like Apple Maps and Google Maps, downloads maps as you drive, it offers two forms of automatic caching designed to ensure that data deadspots don’t leave you stranded. When you create a route on a wifi connection before you set off, it caches all the tiles needed. And if you create a route on the go, it is always looking a few steps ahead and caching those tiles so that occasional loss of coverage shouldn’t see you lose navigation.

For those who prefer written directions to maps, the app allows you to switch instantly to these.

MapQuest is a free download from the App Store, with ad-free usage and ballpark downloads available as in-app purchases.

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2 Responses to “MapQuest navigation app updated with improved ETAs, baseball guides, airport maps and more”

  1. mpias3785 says:

    They’re still around?! I recall that a trip from SOHO to Midtown involved the Jersey Turnpike. That might have been a joke but they were not known for accurate or direct routes.


  2. Still have their nose above water I guess, I haven’t thought of using them in many years. First thing I put on my 5S was Google maps