A report from the Economic Daily, which has had better reliability than most Chinese news sites (although should still be treated with relative skepticism), suggests that the iWatch will launch in three distinct models (via GforGames). Rumors of multiple iWatch SKU’s have been circulating for months now, including last month in the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, the report says that there will be one iWatch model with a 1.6 inch display and two different models featuring 1.8 inch panels. According to the report, one of the 1.8 inch models will feature a sapphire display.

Although such a range of products is unusual for new Apple product launches, but some have speculated that it may be necessary due to the fashionability of such a wearable. The report says the products are set to be released in the third quarter. Last week, analyst Ming-Cho Kuo said that the iWatch will enter mass production in November, featuring a flexible AMOLED panel with a sapphire-glass coating.

Interestingly, the report also mentions that the fabled larger-screened iPad Pro is still in development and will be released around the end of the year. Corroborating news about such a device have fallen off in recent months, however, so the reliability of this claim is particularly questionable.

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8 Responses to “Chinese report claims iWatch to come in three models, sapphire and non-sapphire varieties”

  1. RP says:

    Multiple moeels makes sense since these are equal parts fashion/utility. And the facade would need to be refreshed yearly instead of bi-yearly like the iPhone. If the designs are nice enough they should instantly create a collector base. Looks are a must for this catagory as it would need to fill the lust boxes more than the utility functions to be successful.


  2. RP says:

    Android will face an uphill battle in this category as they already have a reputation as a disposable brand. They may may be able to fill the utility aspect but as we have seen, they leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality and design. The brand is tainted in that regard. Unless Apple fumbles badly, It may be a product category Android will be forever unable to profitably compete in anything but the low margin low end.


  3. jrox16 says:

    I don’t believe this for a second. It’s not Apple’s style. Too many variations…


  4. Every concept has been absolutely hideous and I can’t believe not a single one of those graphic designers is able to come up with anything that looks remotely decent or functionally sound. It’s astounding that not one of them can imagine the sides being curved which is what I think it will look like. Picture the display as a rectangle, but with subtly curved sides like this: ( ), instead of rectangular. It’s the only way it would look good in my opinion. If I were a graphic designer I would at least make a watch that looks like something someone might wear. Literally the imagination of these people that are supposed to be imaginative is as good as shrinking an iPhone and slapping it on your wrist, sad.

    As an added tip for any graphic designers: iOS will be completely different for the iWatch, anyone that thinks it will be the exact same…no hope for your imagination and creativity.


  5. I would prefer round designe but Yes give us touch ID and payment system, car/home door lock in addition to the health stuff..


    • Touch ID would be bad on a watch. ECG recognition would be far better. ECG you would only need to authenticate the device once, each time you put it on, then it would remain unlocked until you remove it from your wrist. When in this authenticated state, anything you have paired with it would instantly unlock when you came in range. It would be amazing and it would eliminate physically having to unlock things. Granted you’d still need physical means of unlocking when it isn’t with you, or the battery is drained.