Although summer is in full swing, the folks at T-Mobile are getting ready for back-to-school season and to make things easier on starving students, the carrier is adding accessories priced from $69 – $250 to its Equipment Installment Program (EIP). This new setup lets T-Mobile customers purchase items like headphones and speakers with a 24 month payment plan for no money down.

While making payments on accessories might sound silly to some, being able to stretch the purchase of some high-end headphones after buying a new iPhone or iPad does offer a little relief to people shopping on a budget. T-Mobile’s EIP option for accessories starts on July 20th, so you’ve got some time to decide if the magenta-hued carrier’s new initiative is worth investing in.

(via T-Mobile)

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5 Responses to “T-Mobile announces monthly payment plans for accessories”

  1. herb02135go says:

    If you need to finance a pair of headphones then you shouldn’t be buying them.


  2. Bart Wagner says:

    I agree 100% with Ol’ herb. And Americans wonder why they can’t make ends meet each month and why they’re going negative financially. Ridiculous.


  3. I wonder if they’ll sell a Google Glass…


  4. irockapple says:

    Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but does anyone else see this being beneficial to the rumored iWatch? It seems just a bit ironic that T-Mobile empliments this a few months before the iWatchbis rumored to be released.


  5. Exactly who would need to finance the mobile accessories. They are cheap anyyway.